You Need to Know that Anonymity and Privacy are Guaranteed in Virie Market

The age of a cashless society has arrived through anonymous payment solutions. Many governments and financial authorities have been encouraging people to turn their financial transactions into digital payment methods. For one, Sweden is the most cashless country in the world, with digital transactions of over 95%. Following them is Denmark that stopped printing banknotes since 2016. Even Asian countries are already gearing toward being a cashless society. Vietnam has been implementing a policy since 2017, that aims to make the country cashless by 2020, by lessening cash transactions, and increasing electronic payments. India has pulled out all 1,000 and 500 rupee notes since 2016, which covers 86% of its total currency.

A great feature of electronic payments is the anonymity of users. This means that your privacy is fully secure. In the world where cyber criminals live among us, we all know that keeping ourselves anonymous in our transactions is a must. This safeguards our personal information, lessens the amount of data shared with companies, and most importantly, protects us from fraud. Many anonymous payment solutions have proven their reliability in this area. One that is worth mentioning is when the user uses a server that can hide his IP address like The Onion Router (TOR). When your payments are transmitted through TOR, there is no way on earth that someone can trace where it came from. Another anonymous payment method that is reliable is the Paysafecard, which is now widely used especially in Europe. While you may be required to enter some information when you open an account online, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your real information, thereby, allowing you to keep your anonymity. These cards are an effective untraceable payment method for any online purchases or for sending money anywhere in the world.

Then there’s the Virie Market. While the existing anonymous payment solutions have long been proven reliable, there may still be some loopholes. The creators of the Virie Market have accounted for all known problems of anonymous payments in this area, and have provided modern solutions. For example, the Paysafecard still requires you to enter your information when opening an account online. Yes, you can opt to provide fake information, but some people who may be a bit gullible, may submit their real information, either intentional or by accident. If that happens, they lose the protection of their security and defeats the anonymity. The Virie Market will not require you to enter any information. Just download and install the application, and that’s it, making sure that your privacy is protected, and the anonymity of your transactions remains intact.

The privacy of the transactions is also fully guaranteed in Virie Market. Virie uses modern cryptography that ensures that the transactions are untraceable and unlinkable. Untraceable means that nobody can prove that a transaction was sent BY any given user. Unlinkable means that nobody can prove that a transaction was sent TO a user. The use of ring signatures ensures that transactions are untraceable while using one-time stealth addresses guarantees that the transactions are unlinkable. Truly, anyone who values their privacy and anonymity in conducting online transactions needs to know this information about Virie Market. Download it here and see for yourself.


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