You Can Create a Masterpiece in VR!

Hello there!

Today, we will veer away from biological aspect of Transhumanism and we will focus more on the uses of Virtual Reality. Yes, again, it's not just a gaming tool anymore. In one my previous posts, I did mention the many uses of VR but I forgot to mention that it is also now being used in Arts. Amazing huh? This is another advantage of technology not really known to many.

Just take a look at this video below. Imagine this latest invention in Virtual Reality being able to create masterpieces in just a few minutes. Remember the ancient way of painting masterpieces? The famous Monalisa, The Last Supper, even the self portrait of Van Gogh without a beard were all done with ancient technologies like pencil, oil paints, canvas and what have you. I bet it took them weeks or maybe even months just to finish one masterpiece.

With today's technology on VR painting, there will be multiple masterpieces that an artist can create in one day. Isn't it awesome? If more artists will discover this, I'm sure that the Art industry will be a blast sooner than we think.

Still, it's too early to tell so we will continue watching for the developments as we continue to know what's unknown to many. See you then...


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