Win Win with Virie!

Hello there folks! Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Every waking moment is a promise of great things to happen within the day so savor the moment. Smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and take a sip to begin a beautiful day and while doing so, go ahead and read today's episode in our Journey to the Unknown.

We are progressing with our discoveries here and I'm sure by now, you have already figured out the latest apple of my eye, the Virternity Project. I just can't help it. I'm at that age when possibilities like this gives me hope that I may have the chance to live longer or perhaps even live for as long as I want. It still looks so fantastical but the more I read about it, the more real it becomes. Today we will continue unraveling what Virie is all about so come on, let's take one step closer to the future.

Like what I have already mentioned, Virie is going to be the economic basis of the Virternity Project. Since the said project is targeted for the "greater good", the creators do not intend to sell it to corporations or financial institutions which if you think about it, that will be good because that at least prevents the project from falling under the governance of any avaricious or capitalist entity.

Anyway, since this is the case and since understandably, Virternity Project is worth millions or perhaps even billions of dollars (I assume) to complete, they would need additional funding but they intend to obtain it by using a system where both parties will be in a win win situation, the investors and the creators.

This is where Virie comes into the picture. They are launching this currency as the principal approach for fund raising as the basis of the worldwide campaign for crowdfunding. I'm sure you will ask, why would you help fund this project when you don't even know if it's for real. Even I, asked myself that but after reading further, I understood why it would be a win win for me as an investor, potential investor at this point.

That's what we are going to tackle in the days to come so just hang in there. The best is yet to come with this project. For now, I want you to keep an eye on my posts here and keep an open mind. Like what I always say, let's not be blinded as the future unfolds right before our very eyes. For now, please hit the heart button and talk to me in the comment section. Ciao' for now my dears.


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