Why Virie, When There are Tons of Market Platforms Out There?

The script is ready and over the coming years, some of the greatest advancements will emanate through blockchain’s implementation.

A lot of this credit goes to Satoshi Nakamoto and his revolutionizing product Bitcoin, which initiated a major shift in perception towards fiat and the financial sector. It brought out the persisting anomalies in existing systems and paved way for virtual currencies. Recent years have seen blockchain emerging as a multi-faceted technology and changing the dimensions of various verticals and supply chains in the mainstream industries. There is a swarm of platforms and startups emerging as drivers of this revolutionizing technology.

With so many market and payment platforms kicking off and overlapping in terms of their offerings, it is becoming difficult to assess which one truly addresses our requirements. This article discusses the various aspects that make blockchain platforms worth your time and discusses the newly launched Virie Market project that stands out with its innovative and passionate objectives. It is a truly decentralized platform, a marketplace for all your financial needs and much more.

What to look for when choosing your platform

Currently, many industries are leveraging blockchain technology to address existing business challenges, threats, efficiency issues, and rising costs. However, technology does not benefit the larger businesses alone. There are platforms to cater to individual and small-scale needs, and this is what makes blockchain interesting. Adopting the right platform can help you rear your business and personal growth in many ways.

The question, however, is which platform to choose? Here are some key characteristics:

Application: However simple it may sound, with numerous startups emerging every day, many projects that try to reap profits rather than solving problems. You need to dig into the real application of the project and how it indents to help discard existing issues like costs, unnecessary restrictions, etc.

Freedom: The foundation of blockchain technology is in the freedom it offers. Thus, it is no rocket science to check if the platform you are looking forward to truly caters to this principle. One needs to be vigilant regarding the degree of decentralization a platform offers. While many commit to providing a free space for all your needs, they are intrinsically centralized. Read the whitepapers and dig in as deep as you can to verify to what extent your platform sets you free.

Scalability: Another important aspect of a successful blockchain platform is its ability to handle growth. One needs to ensure that the platform they are choosing addresses the adaptability concerns (especially transaction speeds) that major blockchain projects face later on. You need to look into the details of how the platform handles security and liability issues. Which brings us to another important factor, the nature of your platform.

Public/Private: A public blockchain network is entirely open, and anyone can join and participate in the network. A private blockchain or permissioned blockchain is a private network that requires permission by the network creator to join. Quite often, private blockchains have restrictions such as they can decide who can join the platform. They can control information available to you and thus lack freedom and trust.

Security: A critical aspect when choosing a blockchain platform is how it shields you from threats and frauds. There have been numerous cases of wallet and asset thefts of some prominent blockchain platforms and thus security becomes an essential feature to focus on. One must check whether the platform is still in the preliminary phase or ready for deployment. For example, Virie offers a ready to use application that you can download and check for convenience and features available. You simply download it in order to check it.

A blockchain platform’s success depends on how it connects with the community and how it aims to cater to their needs. Mass adoption is the key to success for any platform, and for that to happen a platform needs to cater to rising concerns and requirements of the users.

Deciding where to put your resources is a daunting task and Virie understands this.

Considering all the above characteristics here is an overview of the Virie platform:

Decentralization: The Virie Project will do to markets and finance what the internet did to globalization.

Internet’s success was due to its decentralized nature but over decades, powerful businesses and authorities constantly try to stifle it. Virie is an answer to this suppression and it will strengthen the freedom of the online community. Virie is a decentralized marketplace that lets you plan your own journey as a consumer or business owner or both. The liberty that this platform offers sets it apart from all other platforms currently in the market. It offers you the freedom from unnecessary taxes and tariffs, it lets you choose the currency you wish to transact in and the mode you like to use for payments or transfers. It does not segregate you based on the size of your business or the products you wish to sell/exchange on the platform. In simple terms, it is a truly free market that aims at creating fair and growth-oriented economies by encouraging healthy competition and creativity.

Application: A factor that sets Virie apart from all other payment platforms is the variety of applications it offers.

Virie is a multi-currency platform: It offers you the liberty to choose your own currency while transacting, exchanging, and trading. It lets you choose between fiat and virtual currencies including its own VRE token.Virie is not a payment solution but an entire market: While it seems like a payment solution that solves persisting financial issues, Virie is also a complete marketplace where you can post offerings and buy commodities, unrestricted.An application for everyone: Virie Market is a trading platform for Internet stores, markets, and other commercial enterprises, small-scale vendors, individuals. Virie offers an unbiased platform for everyone to explore and grow.Escrow: When on Virie network, you do not need an intermediary. The Virie platform has its own unique implementation of ESCROW protocol that takes care of any transgression of rules and ensures smooth and successful transactions and payments. (To know more, please refer to the Virie Whitepaper)

Security: For a platform to be successful, it is vital to protect the anonymity of parties in the transactions and the confidentiality of transactions. It is vital to provide freedom of communication between parties, freedom of movement of monetary instruments, maximal simplicity of transactions, and a guarantee of security from fraud. All these things are accessible in Virie Market. The Virie platform ensures the highest grade of security and privacy to its users through its innovative protocols:

Multi-signatures: Virie offers intractability and unlinkability through its multi-signature protocol. Through this, the transaction details and user keys are stored on a distributed network that makes identification and hacking almost impossible.Hybrid Parity Protocol: It is a blend of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols and shields users from the most fearful and advanced threats while offering them the benefits and profits from both. For instance, the PoS protocol enables users to earn profits by simply saving their assets in wallets, similar to a saving accounts interest. It also protects them from malicious agents and is less costly as they do not need to invest in processors and infrastructure.

Features: Apart from decentralization and security characteristics, the Virie platform is a unique blend of innovation and simplicity. It understands the need for relating to the larger masses to be able to run successfully and has integrated smart but convenient features for the users:

Mining: How many times have you wished to dig into the crypto world but could not due to the complexities and jargon involved. Virie solves this issue by adding an ‘automated-mining’ feature to its application. This feature requires you to hold some VRE tokens in your wallet and rest will be taken care of by the application itself.

I have tried it myself, the first two weeks earned me roughly 30% profits, which grew 30% more in just 9 days thereafter.

For a non-geek like myself, this is an amazing feature. I mean when a platform has rewarded you by only being a participant.

User-Interface: Not just the features, even Virie’s application interface is user-friendly and simple to understand. It is a well-descriptive application that guides you regarding the features at every step. To know more please click here to read about Virie’s features and offers.

A platform that empowers you to decide your financial matters enables you to steer your own growth without restrictions and with total control. This is the power of Virie Market and the reason why it is one of the most sought after platforms.


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