Why is Virie’s Crowdfunding the Future of Financial Equality in the World?

Crowdfunding is a way for people and businesses to raise money so that they can support their projects. People invest in crowdfunding projects to earn profits or reward once the project completes. Crowdfunding for cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, also known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) have become extremely popular since its boom in 2017. While it may come with some potential risks, it also comes with tremendous returns as long as the investors are wise enough to invest in the right project.

Platforms such as Virie Market were built with the vision of creating financial equality in the world. The blockchain technology and the immense changes in the fintech sector that occur every single day make this vision possible. With so much oppression and control, you can forget about the banks. As a matter of fact, many developing countries are either unbanked or underbanked. Let’s take the Philippines for example. According to the country’s Central Bank, 77% out of 56 million Filipinos are unbanked even though the internet is a part of their daily lives, as proven by the fact that 99% of this population are Facebook users.

These statistics are crazily unbelievable! That’s why the Virie Market team used their extensive experience in creating a solution by using the capabilities that the blockchain technology has to offer. Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns in the past, they have completed the project first before they will conduct the crowdfunding, therefore the investors can be assured that they are putting in their money in a sure-win project. Crowdfunding that has a finished product never fails. Furthermore, crowdfunding that leverages on blockchain technology allows people and businesses to raise the funds needed to provide a stronger future with financial equality for themselves and the generations to follow.

There are many reasons why Virie’s crowdfunding can be the future of financial equality in the world very soon.

· It’s a fast and easy way for the investors to earn profits and rewards, given that the product is already operational. All they have to do is download it here, and they’re all set.

· The investors have the freedom to choose where their money goes. While the purpose of Virie’s crowdfunding is to use the collected funds for the promotion of the product to the global market and to further develop it, the investors have the freedom to choose what they want to trade within the market. It can be anything from goods, services, and currencies.

· Privacy and security are some of the greatest features of Virie Market, so investors can be assured that their data is protected from any risk of being compromised.

· The creators of Virie Market value freedom and equality above all else. Using crowdfunding techniques will realistically bring positive impact that could see through global financial equality. The benefits of joining Virie’s crowdfunding will be life-changing. The chance to use the funds for a greater good purpose will create a better global economy. Watch out for its IEO very soon.


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