Who Begun it All?

Welcome to another step closer to the unknown!

Before we go any farther in discovering more about Virtual Reality and how it can affect our lives, let me tell you first who begun it all.

Born on May 3, 1960, Jaron Zepel Lanier is the founding father of Virtual Reality. He is also a composer of classical music, a computer scientist, a computer philosophy writer and a visual artist. He was born in New York City but was raised in Mexico. He was able to convince the New Mexico State University to let him enroll to study Mathematical Notation that lead him to learn Computer Programming at the age of 13.

At the age of 16, he built a canoe that he used to sail across some seas. He attended a project focused on "digital graphical simulations for learning" while he was also attending art school in New York.

Between1983 , Lanier worked in Atari where he met Thomas Zimmerman. When Atari was split into two in 1984, he became unemployed which gave him the time to focus on his own projects including VPL (Visual Programming Language) which he co founded with Zimmerman. It was a research foundation that focused on commercializing Virtual Reality Technologies. Thus, the birth of Virtual Reality technologies.

The foundation did prosper for a while but unfortunately, it had to file for bankruptcy in 1990. However, Sun Microsystems bought his Virtual Technologies and all its graphics related patents and so his legacy lives on until this very day and I am pretty sure that it will continue to live on as technology keeps evolving every single day.

Now you know who begun it all. Join me again next time for more interesting facts about this technology that I will keep on making known to you...


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