What's In It For Us?

Hello there once again my dear fellow travelers to the unknown. We are gearing towards the end of another week long exciting adventure in our journey. Isn't it awesome how much we have already discovered thus far? And we will continue to discover some more unknown facts until everything starts to happen and become fully known to us so let's go ahead and carry on.

Yesterday, we have discovered that a Virtual World is underway. But what really is in it for us? Why would we want to live in a Virtual World when we already have the world we live in today? in this world has restrictions and time constraint in life. Have you realized it so far? If not yet, let's try to dissect reasons why we might consider transferring to that world in the future.

People who will be transferred to the Virtual World will no longer have to face any medical issues and that includes the older ones. People who live forever will feel young and healthy. They will no longer need to be confined to their wheelchair nor medication. People will no longer have to experience death once their consciousness is transferred before their flesh body perishes. Death will become a thing of the past and being in a Virtual World will just mean a change of identity's host. So far, so good, right?

But there's a lot more reasons for us to join in this world so please keep on reading.

As the world gets older, and so does the population keeps on expanding. That means over consumption of resources that may eventually lead to shortages. In fact, right at this very moment, some countries are already experiencing that, right? But assuming that people will transfer to this Virtual World, they will no longer consume ever greater quantities of the planet's resources. The space in VW is boundless yet the energy required to enjoy life forever is far less than than that required the normal way. In essence, those who are in the VW also helps rehabilitate the physical planet. Let's not set aside the fact that with all these climate change and natural catastrophes now, this planet indeed needs rehabilitation.

Still not convinced yet? Here's more. In due time, Earth will become pure and fresh and that will be intended mainly for the children because they will not be ready yet for the virtual part of shared reality. They will still be born the natural way and will begin their lives in the realm of physical reality but the preparation for them to join the VW eventually will be done in a more pristine environment. Sounds good so far?

But I know that these are still not enough for us to be completely convinced with the idea that someday, we will all transfer to a world much better than what we have today so tomorrow and perhaps in more days to come, we will discover more about this future world for humanities. For now, please hit the heart button and comment or ask in the comment section. Talk to you again later folks! Ciao'!


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