What is Virie Coin and Why is it Powerful?

Virie coin (VRE) is the financial instrument universally used in any transactions in Virie Market. Everything is convertible to VRE, and VRE is convertible to everything, including fiat currencies such as the USD, Yen, Euros, Pounds, etc., and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

What makes VRE so powerful is its unique decentralized structure, which makes it a strong guard against intrusion and oppression. There is no single entity that controls its network, which makes it a prevailing vehicle against the domination of any bank, organization, or government. VRE eliminates the double-spending problem through the use of modern cryptography and economic incentives. The banks fulfill this function for electronic fiat currencies, which is what gives them control based on the traditional process. VRE keeps the integrity of the transactions through a distributed network, of which no one has control over.

Since central banks all over the world have an unlimited supply of fiat currencies such as the dollars, yen, euros, and the rest, they can issue as much as they want. This means that they can manipulate the value of a currency versus the others. Therefore, whoever is holding that currency is the one who bears the cost. Banks cannot manipulate VRE in this manner or in any other way, so to speak. With its Proof-of-Stake feature, VRE can withstand any inflationary features. This does not only eliminate the control of the banks, but it also eliminates the cost for the holder when the value depreciates. It also makes it a good investment basing on the law of supply and demand. If the supply remains at a steady rate and the demand grows, the value appreciates.

VRE has the power to completely avoid intruders who steal information and money online such as hackers, money launderers, or even terrorists since the system follows anonymity for the users. It’s the protocol that checks the validity of the submitted transactions if the sender has enough VRE in his wallet and if he is the one authorized to send it. Therefore, he doesn’t need to identify himself at all if he’s sending VRE to someone else as the system doesn’t need to know his identity. All that the system needs to know is the address of his wallet.

No single institution or individual can oppress or reverse VRE transactions. Once a transaction is recorded onto the network, it is impossible to edit it. As a decentralized means of payment, that is unbound to any country and is independent of any banks, governments, and corporations. VRE’s power over intrusion and oppression is limitless. What makes VRE even more powerful is that anybody can use it to exchange products, services, and currencies within the Virie Market, even if you are a first-timer in this type of trading. You don’t even have to be a geek to learn how to use the platform because it has the most user-friendly interface in the market today. Download it here and see for yourself.


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