What is Unique About Virie's Crowdfunding?

The idea of crowdfunding seems like a strong lure for many start-up companies, and in a perfect world, their crowdfunding projects are expected to live up to their promise of delivering a usable product. It usually begins with a great idea, then writes it up and post it on a crowdfunding platform. They will release a video, then the project team just sits back and begin counting the money being collected from the campaign. But we don’t live in a perfect world. The truth is, they can’t promise that the projects funded through the crowdfunding campaign will come to fruition. Even the best crowdfunding platforms can’t guarantee that it will deliver a complete and usable product.

While many companies that want to conduct crowdfunding campaigns may think it’s easy, the truth is, it takes a lot of planning and hard work. You have to spend time and money on hiring a crowdfunding platform that will then do all the planning and executions of the campaign. Many have already ventured into crowdfunding campaigns, and many have failed too. A successful campaign requires months of planning and meticulous networking before it launches. A poorly prepared and disorganized campaign is a recipe for disaster. There is no shortcut to launching it, nor automation so, sitting back during the planning stage and the campaign itself is never going to happen. It’s never just a day’s work as you need to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that it becomes successful.

One of the biggest reasons why some crowdfunding campaigns fail is the lack of competitive edge. If the project does not offer a unique product or service, it is very difficult to sell and convince investors to invest their hard-earned money into something that cannot justify its advantages over competitors, since most of these campaigns don’t have a finished product yet. That’s what makes the Virie Market's soon-to-be crowdfunding campaign completely different from the rest. The product is unique and the crowdfunding campaign itself is unique too, plus it’s offering investors a finished product that is ready and useful already. Investing in a finished product ensures that the money invested in it will not go to waste and that the campaign will not fail.

Virie Market is the first and only decentralized virtual marketplace for everything and anything of value, including goods, services, and currencies. Its user-friendly platform allows buying and selling online as easy as ABC. Transactions are processed using the blockchain technology with just a few clicks and in just a few minutes. Anyone from any part of the world can invest in it without having to be a geek. Even first-time investors can be assured that their hard-earned money won’t go to waste. Another unique feature of this platform is that the system mines the Virie coins for you, so you don’t even have to pay for a miner anymore. Your investment multiplies without you lifting a finger. The source code is open to everybody. Just download and install it here.

What’s absolutely unique about Virie’s coming crowdfunding campaign is the fact that it is already a complete product. In fact, it’s the first and only blockchain product that has been completed, despite others’ attempts in the past. Most crowdfunding campaigns did it while the creation of the product was still ongoing, so there was no assurance for the investors that it would be successful. The developers of Virie used their own finances first to complete this product and will soon begin the crowdfunding campaign not to fund the completion of the product, but to further improve it and to run a worldwide promotion eventually. Truly, Virie Market is unique in many ways. Watch out for the ICO launch soon.


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