We can Fly in the Future!

Greetings of another beautiful day my beloved readers of the Journey to the Unknown! Today is the end of the week but we will not be ending our pursuit on discovering what lies ahead in the unknown future. We will continue turning stones and unraveling what's hidden underneath each stone. We will walk this path together so that we don't get lost so come on and let's take another step closer to the future.

Yesterday, we've discovered a few benefits of living in a Virtual World but I know that those were not enough for us to be completely convinced that indeed, it is truly beneficial for us to transfer residency to a world that we are not even sure will ever exist. We will discover facts about its existence in the future eventually but for now, let's see what else is there for us.

Did you know that we can fly in the Virtual World? Travel the world if we so desire without having to ride an airplane. Visit museums and historical places or even be there while history actually happens. Want to see the Titanic before the chaotic clash with the iceberg? Go ahead and do so. Nope! You don't need a time machine, all you need is think about it and let your mind do the magic.

Furthermore, in that world, we can still work in the offices, watch movies, celebrate holidays, watch soccer games or what have you, all in Virtual Reality. The costs of all the energy needed to do this in normal life will no longer be required. Transportation on land, air and sea of a great number of people, building of infrastructures and maintenance of huge public structures like airports and piers will no longer be necessary.

In essence, people will only emerge in the normal world to fulfill bodily needs like eating and sleeping but everything else can be done in the Virtual World. Yes, it will be a shared reality but more energy will be used where there is unlimited supply of it, the Virtual World. Can you imagine how much favor are we going to do for planet Earth if that happens?

Does it make sense now? Is it slowly sinking in that the benefits of getting into the Virtual World in the future does not only offer endless benefits for us but more for this planet? If you care, you'll think about it as early as now because it will happen, like it or not and next week, I will share with you what I discovered so that you'll also know why I sound so confident about it.

Meantime, please click the heart button and comment or ask in the comment section. Expect for more adventures to the unknown as we continue with this journey. Have an awesome weekend folks! Ciao'!


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