Want to be a Shareholder in the Virtual World?

Greetings of another awesome day to you my dears! We will continue discovering many more facts and information about this project they call Virternity. I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical about this Virtual World too although I am excited about it. I have questions that I want answers as early as now and the best thing to do to find out is to dig dipper. Come along and dig with me.

There has been times these past few days that I have been wondering why the people working on this Virternity project seem to be hiding. While the other people working on similar technological advancements are famous like Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, even Mark Zuckerberg are always in the news. BBC, NBC, CNN. Any technology related news, you will see these people but this group here in Virternity, who are they really? Why are they not revealing their identity? Why are they not tying up with the monsters in technology like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony, Apple, etc. You know, the big wigs in this industry.

With this in mind, I went through some digging and found out that they have some really valid reasons after all. First, they don't want it to be exploited. If they tie up with big corporations, there are chances that the project may be exploited because, let's face it, these corporations are huge because they have gained enough profit over time since they have been founded.

This Virternity group on the other hand, claims that it is not their intention to extract profit from people but rather make them pioneers of a new world and explorers of the new land, the Virternity. Hmmm, it's starting to make sense. Come to think of it, there is very little that the corporations, and even the government, had taken over or seized that is not for their personal gain. Do you agree folks?

Well then, apparently, with the Virternity, they prefer the ordinary people to seize it and become shareholders of this property. Every one who wants to partake in it will become shareholders with equal rights. That said, it will be impossible to have it controlled by just one large corporation nor a government. Is that what we call true democracy? The idea of me being a shareholder also excites me. And of course, democracy! Yes! Imagine not being governed by any entity yet I would be able to reside in a world full of positive possibilities?

This is becoming interesting, right? I hope that you will continue digging more information about this Virternity world with me. Let's see if they can hold true to their promise. Yes, it may still take years, but great things are always worth the wait, right?

For now, please do hit the heart button and drop me a word or two in the comment section. I promise we will continue walking this journey together until all the unknown becomes fully known to us. Until next time! Ciao'!


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