VR Can Let the Blind See

Here's to a step farther while we keep walking in discovering what are not known to many.

I will be discussing with you another surprising thing about the technology of Virtual Reality. Did you know that the visually impaired people can actually see by using a VR headset?

A guy named Alex Lee has lost his central vision due to a rare disease in 2013. Five years later, he was able to see again when he tried to play a game in VR. He had been playing games thru other platforms but he recalled they were always indecipherable blur.

His expectations on VR was relatively low. He expected it to be the same with other games he tried, blurred. But he was surprised when he started playing the game in VR. He was able to see it clearly! In fact he said that he could see more in VR than the real life. Incredible, right?

The reason for this is actually very simple. The closer something is, the more magnified it is. Placing two screens inches from your eyes is essentially making things larger by filling your field of vision.

Additionally, the device will have automatic gain control, which will adjust and boost the contrast of the scene. Contrast is very important in making things visible. Virtual-reality systems fill the wearer’s entire field of vision, utilizing a combination of near-eye displays and high-colour contrast. This is one of the reasons why some people with low vision, like myself, can see better when wearing a VR headset.

Dr. Michael Crossland, specialist optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital agrees: “Virtual reality often incorporates big, bright and bold text and images in its games and environments, which helps some people with low vision see better while experiencing it. "

It's because the screens of the VR are so close to the eyes which will obviously make the objects bigger and since the graphics of the VR game has more intense colors,it helps in distinguishing objects very clearly.

Very simple but unknown to many, right? Now, we've discovered another great use of this technology. Let's find out more. Stay tuned!


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