Virtual Reality and Transhumanism

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Welcome back! Let's go ahead and see what else is there in our journey to the unknown. Today, we will tackle about Virtual Reality. How is that related to Transhumanism, you'll ask. Let's go ahead and see...

As usual, let me define what Virtual Reality is:

It is an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one's actions partially determine what happens in the environment. Some of the most popular examples are Playstation VR (PSVR) and Oculus Rift. Yes, those headsets connected to a console or stand alone where people play games as if it's real because of the 3D effects and simulations. Oh but aren't those used for just playing games, you'll ask again.

Well, not anymore. Yes, they are still being used for games but there's more to it than just gaming. VRs are now also being widely used for a lot of professional sectors like Engineering, Architecture, arts and Sciences, Space Navigation, Police enforcement, Education and yes, the Healthcare Sector.

Let's discuss now how Virtual Reality is related to Transhumanism. I've mentioned it is now being widely used in the Healthcare Sector, right? Some institutions for the aged in many parts of the world now use VR for the treatment of Dementia. Yes, that's right! Just to familiarize you a little bit, some most common symptoms of Dementia are agitations and depression. It has been proven that when the patients of Dementia use VR, these symptoms are avoided. They are being shown calming videos or places that they wish to see that their physical body can't go to anymore. The professionals have been able to prove it effective as alternative solution to drugs.

It is also being used as a therapy to overcome fear. Let's say for instance, someone who has a fear of heights. He would be asked to use VR that can bring him to high places like a tall building or a stiff mountain. At first, terror would envelop him until his whole being becomes familiar to it and eventually sends the signal to the brain that the fear is already gone.

There are many more ways that VR is being used for treatments or therapy of a lot of illnesses like anxiety and depression. Our brain works perfectly well with the stimulation coming from Virtual Reality and the results are positive.

See the connection now? Virtual Reality and Transhumanism are both touchy subjects. Virtual Reality to many is still just a gaming tool and it will probably still take a little while more to change that perception. Transhumanism on the other hand has caused a lot of eyebrows to raise and debates that have never been concluded. Together, they will work perfectly well.

Let's continue to keep our minds open and our eyes on the look out for more information that will bring us to knowing what used to be unknown to us...Until then...

On se parle plus tard...Merci..


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