Virtual Power of Telekinesis, Soon!

Happy Friday my fellow wanderers to the unknown! I am hoping that our walk here has already gone to miles by now. Let's continue...

Have you somehow experienced the thoughts of being able to move objects just by using your mind? Yes, that's telekinesis. There has not been any proven scientific basis for this although there had been a few who has claimed to possess such powers. But now, we can all have it if we want to. Interesting, right?

Apparently, there is a technology now that aims to use just the brain to control games in Virtual Reality. There will not be a need for those big and bulky controllers anymore because your brain will be the controller itself. The said technology is called Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). It is expected to be released in the market anytime soon if not yet.

Imagine being in the prehistoric world and you are surrounded by giant dinosaurs and you just thought of shrinking them to the size of your palm? That will be cool, right? Or perhaps you are in space interacting with the stars and the planet then you thought of taking the moon to you pocket so you can bring it home to your mama. Or be under the sea encountering hungry sharks and you just thought of a weapon suddenly in your hands and you just started slashing them away? Sounds unrealistic? It will be real soon!

But if you are not into gaming, BCI is also expected to be able to help those with certain health conditions. Let's say someone who is unable to speak due to some illness, just by using this interface, he will be able to send his message just thru his mind. Or someone who has prosthetic limbs. BCI is now capable of controlling those artificial limbs and a lot more other uses for it.

This holds a tremendous promise for mixed reality environments. The BCI allows user to scroll menus, select items, manipulate objects and input texts using only their brain activities so, Virtual Telekinesis everyone?

Hope you enjoyed our walk today. Until the next blog. Ciao'!


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