Virie: The Future of Free Markets

Late management guru Peter F. Drucker in his book, Drucker on Asia stated that “The great strength of the free market is that it minimizes threats and mistakes.” Today, with access to information and desire to know more, people are increasingly realizing that the world is heading towards economic collapse. In fact, it is collapsing from within. The centralized infrastructure is barely surviving and seeking restoration. There is one alternate though in the form of a free market, which is now the only player left on the world scene. Its absence, we now know, cripples society and destroys the economy. The great financial disaster of 2007 is the latest setback we witnessed in this regard. A free market’s presence is necessary for both a stable economy and a connected society.

The Virie Project: Reforming markets

An ambitious and innovative project that aims at delivering free, decentralized markets, the Virie Project, is a blockchain-based platform. No, it is not just a blockchain solution for markets but a market in itself. It offers freedom from restrictions, unnecessary taxes, and physical barriers, and gives you the liberty to create your niche on this global platform. It is an unbiased and innovative project that harnesses and functions solely on user participation and prioritizes them. With a fundamental objective of proliferating true digitized globalization, Virie is the new face of futuristic markets. Virie’s developers, inspired by the ambitious Bitcoin project and the revolution it created, have created a multi-currency platform that empowers financial inclusion and offers uninterrupted and unregulated services to everyone on the network. Virie is the only ready to use the platform even before the crowdfunding.

Virie Market: An outlook

How many times have you wished for a transparent financial system? Don’t you feel that the financial systems will do better if they adopt innovation and let go of their old and redundant methodologies?

Virie offers innovative and creative solutions to old age methods, and it is sure to change your perspective towards the current systems and markets.

Solution 1: Virie rids you of unnecessary burdens

With the globalized economy, the need to avoid regulations that are no more workable and have outlived their usefulness is growing every year. However, centralized systems lack this efficiency to adapt to changing needs and cause dissatisfaction.

Virie offers a platform that rids you of all things centralized. It gives you a burden-free ecosystem that lets you exchange and trade anything for anything and from anywhere you are. It is a distributed, peer-to-peer system that sets you free from any state-imposed taxes and/or restrictions, and helps you take charge of your assets and the way you wish to use them.

The Virie Market discourages monopolies by encouraging unrestricted participation and building a homogenous environment for every user to explore. This develops healthy competition and in return helps larger audiences that build it further.

Solution 2: Virie offers financial inclusion

Did you know, there were approximately 1.7 billion unbanked people across the world in 2017?

It is a horrifying side to the progressive reflection of our systems. With globalization and digitization gaining momentum, do you not find these fancy terms hypocritical?

Virie is here to address all the unresolved issues by being the one-stop platform for all your needs. You only need an internet connection to join this revolutionary project and exercise any kind of transaction. The only platform that lets you exchange goods for goods and services not just money. This reflects that the prime agenda of this platform is to prioritize and cater to consumer requirements. Users benefit most from this platform, the true objective of free markets. Virie makes available the equality of opportunities to access these services to a large population that is still deprived of them.  Virie is an alternative to the persisting inefficiencies of centralized systems that affect growth and satisfaction.

Solution 3: Virie frees you from intermediaries

The Virie Project builds trust in peer-to-peer networks instead of central authorities, enabling decentralization, and empowering the system to fight against evils of central systems like intermediaries. The Virie Market lets you remove intermediaries, enabling a more structurally efficient setup. It outcasts financial service intermediaries who receive a fee from the transfer, foreign exchange transactions, transaction clearing to escrow services, and reduces friction and costs.

Virie’s developers have intelligently incorporated the benefits and services a traditional escrow provides but without the need for an agent. This unique feature lets the users be responsible for the successful completion of transactions and exchanges by making them deposit extra amounts.

For example, user A and user B are trading some goods worth $100, the Virie system would make them deposit extra $100 each to ensure none of them transgresses the rules and cheat the other. In case of any issues, both parties lose their deposit and the transaction is closed.

It is a smart way to ensure users abide by the rules and support the free market methodologies.

Solution 4: Virie protects you

With online frauds and thefts rising and affecting the objectives of digitized globalization, there is an urgent need to develop systems that counter these attacks and protect the users.

While every now and then we hear of some breakthrough innovation that addresses these issues, attackers shortly outsmart them. Virie, however, pledges to protect its users and shield them from frauds and attacks. The features are a blend of proven methods and innovative thinking that makes Virie safer than any other platform as on date.

For example, Virie uses a ‘multi-sig’ protocol which protects users by saving their public-private keys on distributed systems and makes the transactions untraceable and un-linkable.

Another remarkable feature is a combination of PoS and PoW protocols that enhance the benefits users receive by participating on the platform and also makes it almost impossible to compromise the system. For an attack like 51%, a user must first possess enough assets on the platform. This is quite tricky and a practically impossible task. Even if a user were to gain 51% assets, it would be foolish to attack the very system in which one holds a majority stake.

Virie gives you abundant space to flourish

With all the above features and facts, Virie is undoubtedly the only project that caters to the fundamentals of decentralization and free markets. An innovative project that is designed for you to grow and expand your benefits and businesses from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and an innovative and creative mindset to flourish.

The world is your market with Virie in the background.

Just download the application and hop on to this exciting journey.

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