Virie - The Currency of the Future?

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Well hello there folks! It's Friday once again! I'm sure everyone's excited for the weekend. Some of you would probably go on a weekend trip somewhere for relaxation. Some might be planning for a night out later and some would probably just want to stay at home to relax and watch movies or play some VR games. As for me, we're heading to the movie house tomorrow but before anything else, let's walk one more step in our Journey to the Unknown. Let's go!

These past few days, we have talked about what makes the world go round, money! Well, indeed it was our topic recently because as defined by the dictionary, money is a medium of exchange and so is currency. But what would the currency of the future be? When the virtual world is finally built in 15 to 25 years, what would be the medium of exchange? Could it be Virie, the currency of the Virternity Project? Let's see what this one has to offer and how different it is.

Well, I had the privilege of having a peek in their app and from what I've seen, it has the most convenient graphic interface I have ever seen. I'd say it's very user friendly, easy to navigate and very straightforward unlike the others that I've seen so far where I got lost during the navigation because there was so much tabs and terms that are jargon to me. This said, if I have to choose just basing on the convenience of the app, I'd go for this one. But of course, there's so much more to discover about it so we'll see.

Virie has its own Distributed Exchange Network (DEN) and an Escrow system which means that, it would allow practical use of the Virie by eliminating the need for cryptocurrency exchanges. It further means that it's cost effective by eliminating sending certain percentage to the exchange first then wait until the transaction is accepted and completed. All financial exchanges will be faster, simpler, cheaper and of course safer. Hmmm.. so far so good huh?

Here's more! The infrastructure of Virie, DEN and their Escrow system aims to create space for e-commerce free of usual obstacles and yet guaranteeing sureties to keep contracting parties protected of possible frauds. There is no danger of a crash, hack, or power outage on the network. The DEN has no central servers; instead it resides in blockchain. The escrow system provides an additional layer of security. Virtual transactions are guaranteed and become fraud resistant. Interesting right?

To those of you who are into cryptocurrency investments, I think this is the currency to look out for. There will be further details that I shall provide to you in the next week or so regarding the future virtual world and the basis of economy of that world - this one that they call Virie so hold on tight, our journey is just getting started.

For now, please hit the heart button and talk to me in the comment section. Hoping we will all have a great weekend ahead and I shall talk to you again next week. Ci vediamo dopo amici'!


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