Virie Takes on Pseudo-Decentralized Projects

In early June 2019, Google faced tremendous heat from investors and the tech world concerning its market dominance and hampering competition by misusing its powers. However, Google is not the only company facing public backlash. Facebook is accused of suppressing conservative voices while Amazon faces heightened antitrust scrutiny putting it under the trade commission’s watch.

What is the inference?

All these brands are accused of abusing their privileges as front-runners in their respective markets. From manipulating the search engine results to influencing masses, not protecting their right to sovereignty and access to the right information, digital authoritarianism has ignited the forever-pending debate of bringing decentralization into the mainstream in both economic and political sectors. The Virie Platform breaks away from this tyranny and presents the possibilities and prospects of a ‘free’ market economy. Virie is a decentralized platform that blends marketing ethos and innovation proposing an unrestricted and fair environment. Unlike other major projects operating today, Virie offers an open-source environment that radiates transparency and commitment towards its users.

Blockchain’s success and mass adoption have proven the power of decentralizing finance and is helping develop other major industrial sectors as innovative technology. However, with acceptance, there is also a rise in fake-decentralized systems. These systems appear and promise to adhere to decentralization but fundamentally, they are centralized and are controlled by a few powerful entities. Facebook’s ambitious Libra project, for example, saw an interesting turn of events with major partners quitting the deal amidst speculations on the token’s authenticity as a decentralized entity. There are several examples of fake or pseudo-decentralized platforms that claim to provide unrestricted e-commerce solutions but with arbitrary rules, and the platforms’ control over the interface often speak otherwise. Virie is run by its users and is unrestricted from any centralized control. Even the developers of the Virie platform cannot intervene in the way it functions. It does not fall under surveillance and is unstoppable. A detailed look at its features will help you understand the objectives with clarity, so let us cover them.


As discussed above, Virie is unlike any other platform running currently. It promises freedom from centralization through its unrestricted transactions that enable the users to trade the way they want. It allows multi-currency exchanges while automatically adjusting the conversions making it a practical and feasible alternative to cumbersome banking systems. Virie’s brilliance as a distributed ledger network reflects through its implementation of a unique Escrow protocol that delivers the role of an intermediary without actually setting up one for real. This builds trust in the system and makes it unbiased, user-oriented and quick.

Virie is free from a monopolistic attitude and believes in generating opportunities for all irrespective of location or infrastructural constraints. It considers every user as a separate and equally important entity by generating identical opportunities for everyone on the platform to grow, and by eradicating the issues related to monopolies and/or centralized systems.


Another wonderful aspect that ensures Virie’s credibility as a decentralized platform is through its security enablers. From using multi-signature keys to integrated addresses and anonymous payment solutions, Virie protects its users at all times while on the network. Virie’s innovative use of ‘aliases’ and cryptography protocols is a sheer example of thoughts and efforts put while developing the platform. Virie is a virtual marketplace that features unique instruments for making safe and secure contracts without the need for extra money, taxes and third-party services.

Virie’s unique PoS and PoW parity protocol ensures system stability while offering profitable avenues to its users. For example, to compromise this unique platform an attacker must first possess the upper limits of both PoW and PoS protocols to carry out a 51% kind of attack. This is impossible with Virie’s distributed architecture. Additionally, implementing PoS protocol offers Virie token miners a chance to earn profits by simply keeping these tokens in the wallets. It is like an investment plan with your bank that earns you interest in keeping an amount in the account. Virie’s true power is its blend of simplicity with innovation.


Virie application’s user-friendly and simple GUI makes it a platform for all and not just the geeks. The true value of a platform lies in its ability to deliver to the audience irrespective of their geographies, financial limitations and/or product range. Virie allows its users to interact freely without being intimidated. Users are free to choose their favorite activities right from selling/buying commodities to mining. As a platform, Virie cannot control how the user wishes to transact. For example, if a user wishes to sell a particular commodity in exchange for a service and not money or goods, they are free to do so. This way, Virie does not influence or manipulate the market trends as the users decide how transactions are processed.


Quite often, platforms compromise efficiency for speed but with efficient scalability techniques, Virie has secured a competent spot in terms of speed and transaction completion rate. Transaction processing is as fast as 5 to 15 minutes. Virie’s developers do not intend to compromise security or efficiency for profits, deeming it as one of the most revolutionary and genuine projects ever to hit the floors.


Virie’s developers have made special efforts to integrate proven market philosophy with innovation in order to achieve a platform that carries forward the legacy of traditional values and is futuristic in its approach. The marketplace ensures that users contribute to the system while exchanging and mining. Additionally, it encourages healthy competition offering a plethora of choices and creativity. Virie is a one-stop platform for all kinds of exchanges, which makes it the only decentralized marketplace that truly and practically offers a ‘free’ market setup that is unstoppable and unrestricted.

All you need to do is be a part of this exciting journey and contribute to this economic evolution where everyone gets his or her fair share of participation. Everything is ready for this project and you can join it by downloading the Virie Application. A simple, convenient and elaborate interface that does not require any prior knowledge on how blockchain works. Simply download the application here and follow the instructions. You may also look through the detailed reference and proof of work on the official website here.


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