Virie: Restructuring Centralized Markets

With the blockchain market heading towards the $60 billion mark by 2024, organizations are finding ways to adapt and implement it. While there is no denying that previous technical advancements like digitization and globalization have influenced the global economy by making supply chains quicker, safer and interoperable, blockchain’s ‘value to exchange’ is what segregates it from other innovations. Preceding technologies focused on enhancing the connectivity and speeding up the processes to cater to growing demands. However, with monopolistic establishments, controlling much of what must be free, there is a dire need to redefine and revolutionize the centralized setup and adopt innovation.

Blockchain backed projects and start-ups are bringing this change into action by shifting centralized landscapes to free, decentralized ecosystems. Despite apprehensions, crypto-exchanges have successfully created a stir and shifted our age-old views regarding the financial sector and global markets. With easy access to information, not just organizations but even commoners are acquainting themselves with the knowledge of this revolutionary technology and how can they benefit from it.

The Virie Marketplace is coming up as a true proponent of blockchain by innovating the age-old concepts of centralized markets. How? Let’s take a look.

First, let’s understand the issue with centralization

While centralization was much required to set the tempo of enlarging and demanding markets and financial demographics, it was the inability to steer efficient and effective measures that led to its downfall and discontent. With globalization connecting the world and redesigning the landscape, centralization’s inability to harness fair and healthy competition was not only demotivating but also crippling. It paved the way for the financial and social disparity, biased trends and market sentiments, and monopolies, and resulted in a lack of trust and discontent amongst masses.

Central systems are prone to failure due to a single hierarchy structure with just a bunch of people deciding the future of markets, economy, and masses in general. The theory of centralization, while it offered structure and order to the initial phase of globalization, the web revolution deemed it unfit for the future markets. With totalitarian regimes and organizations controlling most of what must be free and accessible; markets too are suffering under central flagships. Imagine, you need to buy a pair of headphones only available in China but cannot afford it because the taxes and duties make them unnecessarily costly. This is where projects like the Virie Marketplace offer a revolutionary escape from centralized and monopolistic systems.

Virie is the key to change

The Virie Project is an ambitious attempt to reclaim what once was free. For example, internet services are increasingly being controlled and monitored by central agencies and/or monopolies to conceal self-interest and eliminate competitors. Virie offers unbiased freedom from monopolies by creating a decentralized platform that encourages competition and creativity. It is an attempt to return to a world that respects liberty to choose what you wish to do with your money, products, business, and more importantly, how you choose to grow.

The Virie platform imbibes inspiration from blockchain’s decentralized objectives and aims at developing a free-market economy that encourages innovation and freedom. Virie is a blend of innovative technology, creative ideas and proven market concepts that make it a robust and futuristic marketplace. The purpose of the Virie Market project is to achieve a free market in its pure form. A platform where people can exchange whatever they want for whatever they want, using whatever means of payment they want, without limitations such as borders, tariffs, licenses, etc. For instance, someone from Japan could easily purchase a film or book from France, while someone in China could buy a video camera from the US. A family from Indonesia could receive money from relatives in England and an Internet gamer could receive his game winnings in Brazil.

The prime objective thus is to enable users to sell commodities online freely without limitations or commissions to any corner of the world.

It is an open-source, distributed exchange network, and the first and only blockchain product that is actually useful and ready to use by anybody (not only blockchain geeks). Unlike other popular projects currently running, Virie is not a payment system with a Market. It is a market with a user-friendly payment system. Virie’s uniqueness here is that it is an instrument to use the Market, not vice versa.

Virie is non-editable and non-erasable

As opposed to some common platforms such as eBay or Amazon Virie is a moderation-free platform where nobody can block or shut down the system. Virie platform is an open-source network that reflects transparency and sincerity through its commitment to developing a free market for all.

Virie is decentralized

Virie’s decentralization addresses some of the major shortcomings of centralized systems like third-party issues and manipulation.

With no one to control and mediate in the functioning of this platform, the users decide what happens in this market. From supply and demand to successful transactions, Virie platform doesn’t intervene nor does it let any third party intervene. The role of intermediaries is taken care of by implementing a brilliant Escrow algorithm that addresses all the issues and risks pertaining to transactions.

You can trade on the Virie Market using any currency (Dollars, Yen, Pounds, Euros, Bitcoins, Virie native coins, etc). Virie Market allows you to trade not just money but also goods and services, rather any combination that suits your requirement. For example, you can exchange goods for services and vice-versa. You can directly exchange anything you like for anything you want in just a few clicks.

Virie is secure

Another feature that stands Virie apart from all existing central and even innovative platforms is the efficiency with which this platform deals with compromising threats. With ongoing issues and lapses related to security and theft of assets, the Virie team has worked really hard to design a secure project that makes sure your possessions are safe at all times. With a blend of PoW & PoS protocols, the Virie platform is one of the safest and strongest platforms to work against breach and/or theft. It’s impossible to hack this platform due to its unique hybrid parity protocol. For instance, in order to carry out a successful 51% like attack, the attacker must first possess 50% of both the protocols which is practically impossible due to the underlying infrastructure.

Virie offers privacy

Virie platform offers anonymous payment solutions in order to keep them untraceable and unlinkable. This project again ensures that you and your data is always safe when on this platform. Its multi-signature key protocol makes it a reliable platform that protects your identity and valuable stuff from malicious agents. Virie Market cannot block any user or his money and it cannot set any discriminative rules for users. No ID data or other private information is required to use Virie Market (therefore nothing can be stolen by fraudsters). Just download the application, install it and that’s all.

Overall, the Virie platform is innovation exemplified. A convenient, simple and efficient platform that takes on all the challenges of the current state of centralized infrastructure through commitment and passion for developing a bright future that blurs the existing boundaries of controlled systems.

To be able to contribute to this amazing journey, come be a part of it. All you need to do is download the application.


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