Virie Promises an Open-Access Technology to the World

Imagine a world where all financial services are accessible with only a smartphone and internet? An open-access technology for all your financial needs? Sounds futuristic? Not really. In fact, it has already been in existence for at least a decade. It’s called DeFi, and though it may appear to be a bit peculiar, it actually is just a portmanteau of two words, decentralized and finance. While cryptocurrency promises to make money and payments universally accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, DeFi is taking it a step farther.]

DeFi takes a big leap in changing the landscape of financial systems by offering open-access technology to the world. It’s now possible to have an open alternative for every financial service today with just a smartphone and internet because of the smart contract blockchains like Virie Market have. A smart contract is a computer protocol on the blockchain that automatically executes when conditions are met. These smart contracts enable the performance of credible transactions without any third-party, which allows developers to build more erudite functionalities than just simply sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.

So, what makes the DeFi of Virie Market different from the traditional banks?

· As the name entails, the DeFi of Virie Marketis decentralized and has its core on its operations the fact that it’s not managed by any institutions and its employees. Instead, it’s written in smart contracts, and once it’s deployed in the blockchain, the Virie applicationcan run with little or no human intervention at all.

· Virie has been designed for mass productions since its inception. There are no geographical restrictions so, whether you’re in America or Asia, or essentially anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you have equal access to all its services and functionalities. And while other DeFi applications (DApps) may be subject to some local regulations, Virie is not.

· Anyone can create an account or multiple accounts to participate in Virie Market. This application is completely permission-less, unlike traditional finance today, where there are gatekeepers or lengthy forms that you need to fill up with your data to create an account. In Virie, there’s a direct interaction between the smart contracts and the users from their safe.

· Virie’s software application has the most user-friendly interface out there today, one doesn’t have to be a geek to use it. I have both an internet banking application and the Virie Market application installed on my smartphone and laptop, and I must say that never have I experienced such pleasure in using a platform that of Virie’s, in many years I’ve been using my online banking app. Download it here and experience it yourself.

A final thought

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can potentially bring a fairer and freer financial system for everyone, and with Virie now up and running, financial freedom is just an arm-length away. With the open-access blockchain technology, everyone will receive an equal opportunity to improve their economy, regardless of their location, race, or gender. Watch out for Virie Market’s IEO and ICO very soon.


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