Virie is the Ideal Platform for Business Growth

Ever since its inception in 2009, blockchain has progressed rapidly in just a decade and is heading towards mass adoption in mainstream industries. Blockchain is becoming the new face for change and foundation stone for recent developments. Applauded for its transparency and decentralized concepts, Blockchain’s features integrate with existing business operations making them more effective and efficient. It offers a competitive advantage to businesses by addressing persisting issues and helps them adopt futuristic objectives and changes. As a new technology, Blockchain has managed to break the silos of restricted, complex and redundant marketplaces and found its usage in almost all business verticals.

The Virie Project is a blockchain-based platform, inspired by the objectives of decentralization, and aims to develop a free market economy. Today when access to capital is still a challenge for most start-ups and businesses, this marketplace ensures growth, freedom to explore and venture without the burden of arranging huge capital. It offers you a global audience and platform to address your business needs and expand your markets. This marketplace understands that funding the idea and development of businesses is a difficult task and the existing complexities of centralized systems make lending a huge challenge. This project targets some of these issues and makes business expansion and investment easier by:

- Providing a decentralized platform where the fees associated with transactions are minimal.

- Accepting funds quicker through swift conversions and transactions.

- Ensuring quicker and easier access to secure capital.

The Virie Project ensures the growth of businesses by making a robust, decentralized payment platform and integrating innovative protocols with proven market concepts. Some of the critical features of the Virie Marketplace that can help in the growth of businesses include the following:

- Transparency

- Decentralization

- Peer-to-peer interaction

- Data security

- Untraceability

- Immutability

Virie is an ambitious project that offers a plethora of options to its users without judging them. Whether you are a seller or a buyer or both, whether you are a multinational brand or a small-scale vendor, this platform offers a common platform to all. The only functioning real-time platform, Virie works against creating monopolies and ensures healthy competition and innovation in order to bring parity and fairness in an otherwise corrupt system. Let’s explore its features and factors that will help you take your business to new highs.

Why Virie?

With hundreds of blockchain-based platforms flooding the markets, what makes Virie exceptional is the passion to develop a free market economy and offer a global platform that prioritizes users and their requirements. How is it possible? Let us explore:

First comes Virie’s objective of developing a transparent ecosystem of growth and development where people can trust the digital platform for data exchange.

With growing apprehensions in centralized systems and their ability to provide safe and progressive infrastructure, adopting Virie becomes even more crucial. Virie is a truly decentralized platform that offers you the freedom to exchange whatever you wish to exchange, from where ever in the world you are, in whatever mode or currency you wish to transact and pay, and with best in class security and privacy protocols. It’s the only real-time project so far that propagates true digitized globalization. A state where companies do not use globalization as an aid to surviving state-imposed restrictions, but globalization in its purest form that offers the users a platform to connect without the burdens of tariffs, taxes, laws, restrictions, surveillance, etc.

For instance, the Virie platform makes it easier for a daily wager to save and send money to his family with 100% value on the transacted amount without worrying about taxes or extra fees that central organizations like banks impose to serve themselves.

How satisfying it is for a small-scale vendor to receive 100% value on his products that he works day and night to create?

That is the beauty of the Virie Marketplace. It sets you free from clutches of states, jurisdictions, levied taxes and duties, extra charges and inefficient strategies.

After setting up a decentralized platform comes the security.

The Virie Platform ensures security and privacy of transactions, and user information, both.

The Virie marketplace is the brainchild of three MIT alumni, and a team of investors, developers, and believers of free-market economies. This team believes in offering you the best in class features and services that ensure satisfaction and are fruitful to you. However, with growing thefts and fraud issues, the creators have developed a unique system that will always keep you, your transactions and assets free from trouble or compromise.

Virie uses a ‘multi-sig’ protocol to ensure untraceability and unlinkability by saving multiple keys separately on its distributed network. This way complexity of hacking into the system, finding keys and hacking accounts and user information becomes almost impossible.

Another unique and innovative feature is Virie’s implementation of a hybrid parity protocol that is a blend of both PoS and PoW protocols. By integrating the features of both these protocols, Virie’s developers have created a safety-mesh around the ecosystem that shields you from the most progressive attacks.

For instance, carrying a 51% like attack is highly unlikely and costly for the attacker himself.


By implementing the integrated PoS and PoW features, Virie ensures that the attacker must possess at least 50% of both the assets separately. Doing this is almost impossible. However, hypothetically let us believe someone attains these assets. To attack the platform in such a scenario would cost the attacker all his investment and thus avoid the risk.

Isn’t it the most wonderful example of innovation and creativity?

However, this is not where the platform stops.

The next feature is ‘freedom from intermediaries’.

How many times have you been charged extra for transferring or exchanging assets?

Always, right?

Today, when digitized globalization is at it’s prime, does it not bother you that banks and financial institutions charge you extra for services? These organizations exist to serve themselves.

I recently had to send money to a relative overseas in an emergency. I was shocked to see the final transaction cost for transferring money online. I had to pay $15 extra. Most of that goes to the bank as part of the services and conversions.

Now imagine a scenario where you need raw material for your product or need to pay an offshore laborer.

With current systems and rules, you will be charged twice on your amount, first by your country/bank and then by the country/bank of the recipient.

This is where Virie comes to the rescue. Receiving funds from investors and sending money to your raw material vendors and employees has become simple and convenient.

The Virie Project offers you a free from an intermediary platform where you get 100% returns on your transactions and payments. There are no hidden charges or fees and you can, without worrying, use the Virie network to transfer payments or funds to receive your raw material. The network automatically handles conversions and gives you the best market value on your amount. It’s the most convenient and straightforward solution to your money problems.

Virie is everything you ever wanted to realize your dreams

The Virie market is much more than a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network. Virie is a futuristic project that believes in fairness and growing through innovation. It is the only platform so far that is truly designed with users in mind.

It is simple and convenient so that anyone, even someone who doesn’t know much about blockchain, could use it for enhancing his/her business.

Virie ensures financial inclusion and empowers you to choose your own course for uninterrupted growth and the future. The only platform that caters to all your needs, from exchanging goods for goods, goods for services or vice-versa, through multi-currency, anonymous payment and exchange solutions. Virie is much more than what is written here.

To explore more please visit the official website and go through the following:

Virie Whitepaper — To understand the various features Virie offers

Virie Reference Material — To understand the technicalities and various other solutions that Virie offers.

To download the Virie application and hook on to this exciting and futuristic journey, click here.


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