Virie is the Authentic Way to Ultimate Internet Success

The internet that the public knows today are servers that are operated by large corporations, which essentially serve as hosts for elements that make up the internet. Web hosting and cloud computing servers are the core systems that keep many online functions available such as social media, emails, commerce, web pages, and just about everything that needs the internet. What this means is that those corporations that own the servers have the utmost impacts (and benefits) on how the internet runs today.

But that’s not what made the internet successful. It became successful because of its decentralized structure. That was the original mission of why the internet was created in the first place. To create a system that would allow equal rights and freedom to humanity. After realizing how vulnerable a centralized internet is, there is a clamor now to bring back the internet to its original decentralized form. All these corporations and governments that control those servers jumped in when the internet was already successful, hence, a great avenue for monetizing values.

One great technology that is triggering the excitement for bringing back the decentralized internet is blockchain. First introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto for bitcoin, a blockchain protocol allows transactions across a distributed network to be processed without a third-party institution or brokers. All information is fully secured and protected in the blockchain storage that no one can mess with it. This is where Virie Market got the idea of creating a unique decentralized distributed exchange network that uses blockchain technology for processing peer-to-peer transactions. In fact, it’s the first and only blockchain product that is useful and ready to use by anybody. It has a very user-friendly interface one doesn’t have to be a geek to use it. Just download and install the software, and that’s it.

Unlike the centralized internet that relies on servers, the decentralized internet of Virie Market relies on a peer-to-peer network that was built within a community of users. Instead of a group of high powered servers hosting the internet as it does in the centralized ones, the decentralized internet of Virie is hosted by the internet-connected devices within the community. Each website is spread out across hundreds of nodes on different devices, making it impossible for a single server to crash, get shut down, or deleted by hackers, for instance.

Virie is bringing back the original mission of the internet of allowing equal rights and freedom to humanity. In fact, it is the authentic way to ultimate internet success with its strong urge to bring back what made the internet successful, the decentralization. Virie’s source code is open to everybody, regardless of economic status and race. It won’t take long for a user to learn how to work with it. Transactions are easily made and processed with just a few clicks, and within just a few minutes that it is so pleasurable to use. Try it to believe it. Just download it here and you’re in.

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