Virie is Here to End Brand Dominance

“How we look at our future depends on how we remember our past”, is an old adage that helps set the context of this write-up.

According to a survey, 58% of German banks are charging negative interest rates on customer deposits apart from already existing fees on services they provide.

The objective of the negative interest rate was to incentivize financial institutions to lend more freely and for businesses and individuals to actively use their money instead of essentially paying the bank to keep it safe.”

However, many banks have passed the rate on to their customers instead.

So where does Virie figure in all this?

The fact that financial institutions like banks have such a stranglehold on currency and control every aspect of it is scary. Virie is here to solve these issues through its decentralized, free-market objectives. Virie marketplace is a blockchain-based platform that will challenge this control over everyday transactions and currency by offering multicurrency, free transactions. The purpose of the Virie Market project is to achieve a free market in its pure form and much more.

Banks are not the only setups that take advantage of their power over money, and money is not the only factor that affects our day-to-day lives.

We live in an era of unparalleled tech dominance.

A look at your routine life will justify this statement. Our lives today mostly revolve around Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. These companies have become near-monopolies and control most of our everyday lives. Data has a crucial role to play here. With access and control over data and everything around it, these companies have built an unprecedented network, both in their scope and inability to strip off competition.

Without anyone to challenge them, these companies soon start compelling and controlling everything, from what information we must be fed to what we must buy and how we do it.

This situation worsens further with governmental control. Every nation and company today is trying to stifle the internet. They attempt to identify every user, to control monetary transactions, monetize that which previously had been free, and limit the exchange of information.

Virie, the first of its kind blockchain marketplace, proposes economic decentralization as the next obvious step. Not globalization in its contemporary form, wherein global corporations rid themselves of governmental restraints, but a true, free market, wherein each is free to buy and sell what he or she wants, without borders, tariffs, commissions, taxes, licenses, limitations, or any other regulation. This market would be able to survive not only against governments but also against a much more frightening opponent – Monopolies.

Virie’s objective

Bitcoin was a great step in the battle against interference with private-commercial relations. However, years after Bitcoin’s release, several of the concerns outlined by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Whitepaper are still relevant. “Weaknesses of the trust-based model,” the spread of the “need for trust,” distrust between buyers and sellers, fraud, etc., while routine escrow mechanisms remain without global reach. The next, most obvious step is the decentralization of economic markets. Not globalization in its current form, but rather a market truly open to all.

The Virie Project, inspired by the legendary figure of Satoshi Nakamoto, is the legitimate next step in the development of an independent, free-market: Virie Market.

Virie is your very own ‘growth booster’ platform

Two factors that primarily make Virie the most sought after platform are:

Its ability to provide a restriction-free environment away from any external pressure or control.Its efficiency to handle and challenge the dominance of existing brands and provide a healthy, fair and competitive ground for growth.

Virie adheres to the fundamental objectives of blockchain technology in providing immutable ledgers that create digital scarcity and in return provide a platform of value to the users.

Virie is your ideal platform to help you grow without the fear of restrictions, control, unnecessary taxes or duties. So that you can easily pay your offshore employees without paying double taxes. Virie helps a daily wager in the U.K. not fear taxes and conversion rates to transfer his savings to his family in Japan.

How? By addressing the anomalies of existing systems.

Virie is a futuristic platform

Being blockchain-based, Virie is decentralized and uses a distributed ledger to track, control and monitor the flow of the transactions. This eliminates centralization and gives control to the users. However, it is not just the financial aspect of the concerns, Virie also eliminates the game of intermediaries to bring efficiency, transparency and eliminate corruption at the highest level.

Let us explore what gives Virie its uniqueness in a world full of blockchain-based startups.

Virie is the first ready-to-use platform:

The first platform that has been financed by the core team and is ready to use even before the crowdfunding. This offers Virie unparalleled trust over platforms that use investors’ money to source their development. Virie’s developers are confident of their innovation and creativity, and ensure that users know what they are bidding for before the donations. The official website allows users to download the Virie application – A user-friendly and simple interface that is thoroughly descriptive to even users who do not understand the complexities and jargon of blockchain technology.

Virie is truly decentralized:

Virie’s true value lies in the way it implements decentralization and offers a free marketplace for the users to explore and exploit for their benefit and growth. Virie aims at providing the users their right to liberty when it comes to handling their finances and assets. So that people could exchange whatever they want for whatever they want, using whatever means of payment they want, without limitations such as borders, tariffs, licenses, etc.

From something as simple as an Internet gamer receiving his game winnings in Argentina to a complex multi-party overseas monetary transaction.

Virie makes it all simple and convenient by offering anonymous, multi-currency payments and transactions and giving you a global platform to grow your business without worrying about the capital or funds. (To know more, please refer to Virie’s reference material)

Virie rids you of intermediaries:

Intermediaries take large commissions. The issue of taxes looms large with remote work and earnings. Both the country of the employer and that of the employee levy taxes, something that is disadvantageous to the employer because it reduces the possibilities for working across the globe.

Virie addresses the issue by eliminating the role of intermediaries and offering users a fair platform that does not charge them their valuable assets. Rather Virie is a unique Escrow based platform that offers the benefits of escrow services without any agents. Virie makes sure that the users play it right and checks for any transgression of rules through its efficient and creative ESCROW feature. (To know more about Virie’s Escrow feature, please click on the ‘Escrow Market’ video link on the home page.)

Virie is safe and immutable:

Virie’s developers realize the need for developing a platform that keeps users safe from rising online frauds and thefts. They have implemented robust cryptography algorithms along with a unique hybrid parity protocol to ensure a smooth and safe experience while benefiting the users at the same time.

Virie is a unique blend of PoS and PoW protocols that keep you safe from malicious agents and attacks like 51% by building a safety net throughout the system. An attack like this will hurt the attacker the most in this case, making it counterproductive for him. That is how Virie tackles the persisting challenges of modern-day technology – by facing them head-on.

Virie is an amazing platform that promises a ‘free’ market economy along with safety and gives the highest regard to ‘you’ as a participant. It realizes the importance of carrying the legacy of decentralized internet and helps to strengthen this belief in the systems going ahead. It is your time to participate in this newfound world of freedom and liberty. Download it now and join the revolution.


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