Virie is an Outstanding Innovation in the World of Free Market

After a series of investments, prototypes, closed-circuit testing, and multiple revisions, an outstanding innovation in the world of the free market is now complete and ready to use, Virie Market. In fact, it has already been catching the attention of many people from all around the world because of its most user-friendly interface that even those who have are not techie can immediately understand how to work with it. For those reading about Virie for the first time, here’s a little background.

Virie Market is a unique platform of a decentralized virtual marketplace (Distributed Exchange Network). Anybody who has internet and electricity can publish offers of goods and services in the most convenient way possible, in just a few clicks, and in just a few minutes. These offers are viewable by anybody from any part of the world. With its peer-to-peer network structure, you don’t have to use a third-party broker to process your transactions. Any user can directly respond to any offers posted within the platform.

Virie Market is not just a distributed exchange for goods and services. It’s also a currency exchange platform that allows trading of any currencies both fiat, and cryptocurrencies. It is not pegged to any currency so you can exchange any kind of currency you like, for any currency you want, such as dollars, yen, yuan, bitcoin, Ethereum, euros. In fact, you can exchange your currency with everything. It also has its financial instrument simply called Virie (VRE) which is, designed to be universally used in every transaction in the market. Everything is convertible to Virie, and Virie is convertible to everything.

Virie’s software application is ready to download and install anytime. Everything in it has been expertly thought about, planned, and executed to make it a very user-friendly application so that everyone can use it quickly and easily without having to be a blockchain geek. Any transaction takes only 5 to 15 minutes to process. You can create a limitless number of accounts so that you will have backup accounts in case you lose the original one. It uses modern cryptography to ensure that all transactions are untraceable so that no one will ever know who sends the transactions and unlinkable so that no one will ever know who the transactions were sent to.

Virie uses the most innovative blockchain technology. In fact, it’s the first and only blockchain product that is useful and ready to use by anybody. Many blockchain enthusiasts had been trying to create one before, but only Virie’s developers were able to successfully complete a project like this. It’s completely decentralized, which further means that no one can block or shut down this market. Hacking is absolutely impossible, and privacy is fully guaranteed.

Unlike other projects that raised funds first before completing the project, Virie is going to do the crowdfunding for a project that is already complete and ready to use. They have used their own finances to create this robust and innovative product first and will just be raising funds to further innovate it and do a worldwide promotion.

Virie is an excellent opportunity for an investment. Those who have been wanting to invest in digital currencies but have not been able to do so because of the fear of not understanding how mining and other processes work should take this opportunity. With Virie, you don’t have to worry about mining or taking a miner to do it for you. The system will automatically do the mining even if you are sleeping. Indeed, Virie Market is an outstanding innovation in the word of the free market. Download it here to prove it yourself.


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