Virie – A Solution for Your Exchanges and Growth

Blockchain is here and changing the world in ways nobody anticipated.

As one of the fastest-growing technology, Blockchain is innovating major industries and compelling them to explore their options. There is a spike in blockchain-based startups and platforms in recent years. It has suddenly moved from its maiden image of a crypto-facilitator to become one of the most flexible and robust technology today. Currently, blockchain is looked upon as a futuristic technology that is not only changing the industries and their supply chains but is also shifting the way we look at our personal growth. How?

With applications like The Virie Project – A platform that is set to change the dimensions of existing online platforms by offering you a free, decentralized, smart and innovative podium that caters to all your needs. From exchanging commodities to offering you a launchpad for your startup. From easy and unrestricted transactions to offering you a global platform to highlight your talent and creativity. You ask it and the platform will cater to your needs. It is as simple as, ‘the more innovative you get with your objectives, the more offers you have’.

So, how exactly can an online platform make it possible? Let’s dig in.

The first step is to see where Virie gets its agility to provide such a grand scheme of offerings.

The Virie Project is designed and driven by the principles of decentralization and aims to create a free marketplace. A platform that allows you to exchange, trade, transact anything right from raw material to your product globally without worrying about costs, duties, taxes or restrictions.

It is a blockchain-based project inspired by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto’s (Bitcoin founder) vision of giving the reigns of finances and decision-making into the hands of asset owners, i.e. Us (the users). Virie incentivizes these beliefs by offering users a unique platform where they can not only launch their products but also use it as a differentiator to gain competitive advantage.

Here are some features that make Virie stand out from the rest.

Virie is ‘decentralized’: Virie is a vision to create an unrestricted world. It aims to revolutionize the markets just as the internet did. Virie enables globalized services like salaries, funds, etc. and offers you the liberty to choose your own course of action. Unlike existing platforms and institutions that control every aspect of our life, Virie is a platform that unbiasedly lets you participate in your own future without any form of interference like intermediaries (for more information, please click here).

With growing restrictions, Virie offers you a free platform where you can not only grow your business and make your own decisions but also lets you enjoy the perquisites of participating in the future.

Virie is safe and protects you at all times: Virie developers themselves cannot intervene or manipulate the system and/or rules of the network’ giving it the benefit of trust and confidence.

Virie realizes the importance of credibility and is a real-time example of a platform that protects you from the evils of current online frauds and thefts. It is an innovative blend of multiple security-enhancing protocols like multi-signatures and a unique hybrid parity protocol (a blend of PoW and PoS features) that make it reliable, safe and showcase its integrity towards developing a better interface.

Virie is simple and convenient: Virie realizes that not all understand the jargon and technicalities of emerging technologies and also that everyone needs a fair chance at growth and development. Thus, Virie’s developers have created a simple, easy to operate and understand the user-friendly interface that is descriptive for anyone to understand. This makes Virie a truly globalized platform, one that aims to take everyone together. Virie is innovative: Would you believe it if I said that you do not need money to transact on this platform?

No, this is not an exaggeration but a fact.

Virie is the only existing platform that allows you to transact and exchange in whatever way you want.

For example, you wish to buy a product from Japan but you do not have enough money. All you have is a handy experience in translating Japanese. Virie lets you exchange services for products and you can put an offer like that here on this platform.

Well, this is just one of the many things that make Virie exceptional as a project. In simple terms, Virie has no finite limit to innovation; it all depends on how innovative the users are.

With all out-of-the-box features, Virie is the only platform that offers you an array of options and possibilities that you can choose at your convenience. It is this plethora of opportunities that make Virie the most sought after platform, some of which we try to present to you in this article.

Virie helps you earn profits

Do you ever wonder what is ‘mining’? Well as a non-technical person myself, I could never really understand the jargon no matter how much I tried. All that technical stuff is beyond my expertise to understand and this is where the Virie platform surprised me with its automated mining feature. Yes, the Virie platform offers you a choice to ‘automate’ mining VRE (Virie’s own coins).

I earned 30% of profits for my first two weeks of holding while another 30% came in just nine odd days. All this while I did nothing except setting the automatic mining option.

However, mining is not the only way to earn profits here on this platform. You can maximize your profits by using Virie as a payment solution to pay your employees and staff through tax-free, unrestricted transactions.

The current debate regarding banks charging negative interest rates from clients to keep themselves safe is the latest in how these central institutions and monopolies manipulate and control our precious assets. How disturbing it is to become a mere spectator in these crucial matters?

Thus, Virie offers you a pedestal to exercise unrestricted transactions and exchanges and be your own decision-maker.

Your very own global Launchpad

One thing we must understand about Virie is that it’s not just a payment solution but a market in itself.

A market that facilitates and felicitates true globalization, i.e. globalization in its purest form where one is free to exercise their right on their assets and make all crucial decisions.

A platform that enables and empowers users to engage with a global community to exchange innovation and creativity.

A Launchpad for creatives without the fear of restriction, charges or taxes; where individuals can concentrate on designing and innovating a futuristic space that exemplifies growth and healthy competition.

For example, when an artisan from India receives raw materials from a vendor in the States in exchange for finished products and his share of profits.

Or when a disabled teacher is remunerated for his manuscripts that he/she prepares from a distant location (online).

Virie offers you a platform to do all this and much more. All you need is to participate by downloading it from here. You will be amazed at how a simple application can hold the beacon to change, and revolutionize the long redundant institutions and platforms.


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