Virie: A Decentralized Payment Platform Immune to Vulnerabilities

To understand the objectives of this article let us first set the context by answering a simple question.

Would you still use the internet if it were centralized? In simple terms, will you use it the same way if you knew the web is controlled by a handful of people?

The inception of the World Wide Web was to provide a free, democratic platform to users. A platform that resonates decentralization in its purest form. However, with authoritarian regimes and organizations trying to stifle and control a major share of this free web, there are growing concerns regarding its reliability and dependability. With the rationing of content and accessibility, the internet’s fundamental objective is constantly threatened.

Above is an example of what we call totalitarian or monopolistic strategies that result in killing liberty, creativity, competitiveness, and innovation – one of the many drawbacks of centralized systems that have led to mass dissatisfaction and distrust. The great financial crisis of 2007 is another instance of centralized failure that incited the need to develop decentralized systems and infrastructure in the future. This is when and where blockchain technology entered the spectrum and changed the dimensions of a century-old centralized network. It has ignited innovation like never before and paved the way for projects like Virie that aim at creating a free market economy.

Virie is emerging as a solution

Blockchain technology offered the world a decentralized way of distributing large data online into thousands of independent nodes on a peer-to-peer network. It further secured these nodes through cryptographic algorithms to protect identities and safeguard users. All these factors challenge the control driven centralized systems and methodologies and provide an open platform for users to explore. The true power of decentralized systems lies in their ability to stand against growing vulnerabilities like online thefts, hacks, unnecessary taxes, and central restrictions.

Virie Marketplace is one such unstoppable and unrestricted platform that emulates these unique features and offers much more than just decentralization.

Let us explore it in detail.

Virie’s defense against vulnerabilities

Virie is an ambitious project that aims at delivering the prime objective of a decentralized platform i.e. a free marketplace for everyone. But, it is more than just another blockchain project that glorifies its use. Rather, it is the first real-time project that truly implements decentralization in its purest and realistic form.

Virie challenges monopolies through decentralized globalization

Virie is igniting an old but long-forgotten idea of a ‘free’ market. A market that prioritizes consumer autonomy and privacy while also providing them with financial liberty. It keeps the consumers away from the current strategic traps and incentivizes active consumer participation. This works in two ways:

By engaging consumers, the market incurs trust, encourages innovative ideas and expands.On the other hand, consumers benefit by creating money as they keep contributing.

This feature opposes the current form of markets and industries where just a handful of people (centrally) decide the future of not just markets but also manipulate consumers and mug them off their rights and interests.

The Virie marketplace is a unique platform that lets you do everything, right from choosing, how you want to trade, to the currency you wish to use; the user is the boss here. Virie lets you transact in your choice of fiat or virtual currency, or even other goods or services in exchange. The fundamental principle of decentralization is rightfully offering benefits and options to the consumers, which also is Virie’s primary objective. It incentivizes the participants to do the processing that maintains the platform. Therefore, people who use it are also responsible for its maintenance.

The true form of globalization is not where organizations rid themselves of imposed restrictions, but a true, free-market that lets you choose your own journey and set your own course to expand your businesses and profits. A market that sustains because the users relate with it and actively participate in making it better.

Virie blends concepts and innovation

The Virie project is a futuristic platform and aims to keep pace with the ongoing advancements in technology and innovation, unlike several centralized systems that do not entertain the importance of upgrading and keeping up with technological advancements. For example, Virie’s implementation of Escrow system is a unique blend of proven concepts and innovation.

Virie’s very own Escrow: The platform keeps away all forms of inter-mediation by out-casting the third party agents and implementing its own creative and innovative escrow feature. This feature is unique in its way of handling important financial transactions that may at some point become a bottleneck and not move forward. For example, in a two-party transaction, suppose consumer A is selling a product or service to consumer B for $100. Imagine that B is a conman and does not intend to pay A value for money. As per Virie’s unique Escrow feature, both A and B first make additional deposits to carry out a successful transaction. In case any one of the parties tries to transgress the rules, both of them lose their deposits. In this manner, it ensures that users trade and exchange without cheating or taking advantage of the situation.A hybrid parity protocol: Another feature that stands out in the Virie market is its blend of super protocols Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. While benefiting users from their individual profits, Virie’s parity protocol saves users from malicious agents and theft.

Virie is not susceptible to threats and thefts

When discussing online markets one can never overlook the existing challenges and risks of participating in it. Record numbers of online hacking incidents are reported every year that affect the overall progress of payment solution platforms challenging.

By implementing effective and efficient security-enhancing protocols, the Virie platform makes sure you are protected when on the network. As discussed above, the unique and smart hybrid parity protocol ensures that your assets are safeguarded against malicious agents and theft. For example, to be able to attack the Virie Platform, a hacker needs to attain a minimum 50% of PoW and PoS assets individually. Let us consider a hypothetical scenario where an attacker somehow manages to accumulate the above-mentioned ratio; he still cannot do any damage since it would only affect them adversely. Who would attack a system in which they hold the majority stake? To understand this in detail, please refer to the whitepaper.

Virie is friendly and convenient

Another amazing factor regarding the Virie Platform is its simple user interface and its ease of use. You do not need detailed knowledge regarding how blockchain works because the interface will lead you to all the information you need. Additionally, the website has published reference material for all groups of users (from geek to layman) to acquaint them with how the platform works and its offerings. To check it click here.

Overall, the Virie Marketplace is a robust, futuristic platform that is set to address all challenges and shortcomings of current systems and help you reap the benefits of this emerging technology. All you need to do is download the application and get started.


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