Uploading Mind - What are the Benefits?

Hello there once again wonderful people! Today is the last episode of our mind and brain series for this week and the continuation of our topic yesterday. We will continue to discover what's in it for us, humans to have our minds uploaded to a vessel. It could be an AI robot, an Avatar, a computer or anything that the scientists will be able to prove to be a perfect fit for the human mind in the future. For now, we will take a look at its benefits. Shall we?

1. Creating your own world - Imagine being able to program your mind to create a world you only used to imagine? Depending on your own desires and passions, build it the way you want it to be. It could be an ancient world where the dinosaurs still exist. It could be a super technological world where there are lots of futuristic buildings all around you. It could be something close to nature or it could even be a combination of two or more worlds. You can have a world of whatever you want it to be.

2. Travel opportunities - Yes! Lots of it. Travel all you want without travel expenses and the hassle of the long queues at the airport. All you have to do is think of the location you want to go to and voila! You're there the next minute.

3. Complete Environmental Recovery - By spending most of our time as programs running on a worldwide network, we will consume far less space and use less energy and natural resources than we would in a conventional human body. Because our “food” would be delicious cuisines generated only by electricity or light, we could avoid all the environmental destruction caused by clear-cutting land for farming and the ensuing agricultural runoff.

4. Program your happiness - Like most other human traits, our happiness set points fall on a bell curve. Whether you won a lottery or you lost someone, the happiness level always revert back to its natural set point. When your mind is uploaded, it will make it possible for you to reprogram your own mind to raise your happiness set points in a way that biotechnological intervention might find difficult or dangerous.

There are still so much more benefits if someday, the mind can be uploaded. I could go on and on listing down all of those but we are running out of space for now. But isn't it amazing how this could completely change our lives for the better? I personally can't wait for this to happen within my lifetime so I myself can savor a life much better than what we have right now. Will my wish come true? That remains to be seen...

If you enjoyed our travel today, please hit the heart button and drop me a word or two. Until next time my dear fellow travelers to the unknown. Have a happy weekend y'all!


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