True Freedom in the Decentralized Market of Virie

Obtaining power from the decentralized internet and blockchain, economic decentralization is the next big step towards a healthier global economy. It’s not globalization that will get us to it because it perpetuates inequality in the world instead of reducing it. Even the International Monetary Fund admitted in 2007 that inequality levels in the developing countries may have increased with the penetration of investment and new technology by foreign investors. As power is returned to people, the rise of a true free market will begin.

As it happens, everyone will be free to buy and sell anything that they want without having to worry about tariffs, commissions, borders, taxes, licenses, limitations, or any other regulations. Blockchain systems create a more secure network and environment. This, combined with decentralization, will effectively remove the risks of fraud and cyber-attacks. It is exciting to see more start-ups turn into decentralized strategies in building their businesses. If this happens, we can see a true big leap in the global economy sooner than we thought.

Problems such as censorship from the government and third-party institutions came in between online transactions, have started to rise, thus, losing the essence of internet freedom. The need for decentralized systems began and started to gain popularity when bitcoin was introduced a decade ago. Bitcoin is a payment system that has no controlling party. It uses blockchain, a peer-to-peer network protocol for people who agree to make transactions with each other. Bitcoin had started painting a world of true internet freedom – decentralization.

Decentralization was and remains to be the keyword for defining freedom. While it echoes back from the early web, advocates are now focusing on realigning power relationships between institutions such as the governments, corporations, individuals, etc. The need is urgent to bring back freedom through peer-to-peer interactions without the need for third-party intermediaries who can unduly influence online interactions. Platforms with this kind of system are less corruptible and have more resiliency against corporate and political imprisonment. Structured decentralized systems are striving to avoid any chokepoints where a restriction in the system is done by a single actor.

Amidst all these, a unique Distributed Exchange Network was born, the Virie Market. Virie is the first ever user-friendly decentralized market. The creators of Virie has one thing in mind when they created it, freedom. While many have been attempting to develop a blockchain product that can bring true freedom, the Virie Market is the first and only blockchain product that is useful and ready to use by anyone from anywhere in the world. Virie has taken the example of bitcoin, which is a peer-to-peer network payment system that cannot be deleted not shut down. All transactions are stored in the blockchain storage through the use of modern cryptography, making them untraceable and unlinkable.

Virie coin is its financial instruments for the market. Anything is convertible to Virie, and Virie is convertible to anything. Privacy is fully guaranteed, as there are no IDs or other personal information needed when registering an account. The users can just use human-readable aliases, which are protected in the blockchain storage. There are no governments nor corporations that control the system and the transactions in it. Virie is not a payment system with a market. It is a market in itself where people can exchange all types of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Virie also allows exchanges of goods and services. In essence, anything is exchangeable in Virie for anything you like. Transactions take only 5 to 15 minutes to process in just a few clicks using its user-friendly interface. Virie Market is a daring step into the internet world that aims to bring freedom back to the masses. Download it here and see for yourself.


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