Tired of the Traffic? The Solution is on its Way!

Hello again you beautiful people! It's me again, about to bring you another technological breakthrough that can make our lives a lot easier very soon. This is especially dedicated to those who have to combat traffic every single day. If you live in cities like Los Angeles, Bogota in Colombia, London, Bangkok, Chengdu in China, Mexico City and Moscow, then your worst nightmare is the traffic as these are the top traffic cities in the world.

But lo and behold! The agony is soon to end. Larry page, the co-founder of Google has boldly predicted that flying cars should hit the market next year. Ooohhh exciting! Have we not all wished for this to be invented every time we have to spend hours waiting for cars to move so yours can move too? Well, it has been invented and it's almost within our reach. If Page's prediction come true, then next year will be the year we've all been waiting for. We should start saving up now lol!

Anyway, there are a number of companies out there attempting to hawk "flying cars," personal aircraft meant to bring about some kind of transportation revolution. The truth is, the framework isn't even in place yet to support such a revolution, but one company with major backing still wants its products on sale before the decade's out. Nope, I am in no way connected to them but I'll drop their name anyway just to make sure that your expectations are set clearly.

They are called the Opener which is a fully funded start up company and is fully supported by Page. Opener's first craft, called BlackFly,which is the one on the video below is pretty standard from a personal-air-transport standpoint. It will be capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, operating entirely on electricity from a battery that can be recharged like an electric car. Opener also claims BlackFly will be capable of autonomous flight, but it's unclear if that capability will be offered at launch. Like other aircraft, BlackFly is loaded with redundancies, including a low-power glide mode and an optional parachute system, just in case.

That said, I'd say don't count on the BlackFly to be the solution to the traffic congestion. At least not yet. As an ultralight, it will only be permitted to fly over uncongested terrain. And with a max range of 25 miles at a max speed of 62 miles per hour in the US, it won't be much, if any faster than a car across the same areas. Plus, you need two carts to move it around when in land.

Disappointed? Me too but we just have to hold our horses just a bit longer. It may not be the solution to the traffic yet by next year but I'm guessing in 5 to 10 years, it will be. There are so much companies already working on the production of flying cars. Topping the list are Uber, Toyota, Terafuggia, and Airbus among others so don't lose hope.

So there you go. A little wait is not going to hurt. Patience my dears. Soon, we will see them flying and one of them could already be yours. It's just giving us enough time to save up, right? Anyway, just keep your eyes open as we continue to unravel the secrets of Science and Technology which may have been unknown to us.

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