Things Every Cryptocurrency Investor Have to Know

Cryptocurrencies are pretty much the most controversial invention of the digital age and have become intensely popular over recent years. How many times have we heard or read stories about people who became millionaires because of cryptos? At the same time, we’ve also heard and read stories about people who have lost quite a fortune because of cryptos too. And if you’re reading this now, chances are, you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency but want to learn more first. We all want to make sure that if we invest in something, we win and not lose, so read on.

Adding-value factor

Check that coin you’re interested to invest in adds value to the ecosystem. A good example is Virie Market, which is launching its ICO very soon. For the first time, there is a blockchain product that is already complete and ready to use even before the developers start crowdfunding. Many ICOs failed, because there was no product yet before the campaign started, hence, many investors have lost their money in the process. Virie’s creators used their own finances first in creating a robust product that is ready for mass consumption, and whatever funds they will be able to collect during the crowdfunding will be used for promotion to the next market and further enhancements of the product. With Virie, investors are assured that they will not lose their money.

Is it a blockchain project?

For you to know if you are getting good quality investment, check if it’s a blockchain project. Cryptocurrencies that run through a blockchain network are decentralized, which makes it free from the control of any governments or banks. This means that to invest in such a project, you don’t have to provide any personal data that will make you prone to security risks. After all, this is the true nature of cryptocurrencies. If they cannot present any clear blockchain structure, then most likely that they are only conducting ICO to raise money for their self-interest, leading you to lose your own money.

Avoid putting all your eggs in just one basket

If you have been reading a lot about cryptocurrency investment, then you must have already heard many experts say never to put all your eggs in just one basket. In other words, invest only what you can afford to lose, and we are reiterating it here. If you have only $300 in your pocket, make sure that you leave $100 and invest $200 only. Never put them all in the investment, or your whole life will be affected if you lose everything. Remember that investing is like a gamble. While we hope to always win, we should also expect that there may be losses along the way.

Choose the right platform

With so many new cryptocurrencies and new platforms, this may be the hardest decision to make when investing in a cryptocurrency for the first time so, I've made my research and discovered that there’s a unique platform that could be the best in the market today. Already mentioned above, Virie Market is not just a cryptocurrency investment platform. It is an all-in-one virtual marketplace for goods and services as well. Its Virie coins are universally used within the platform and are exchangeable for anything of value. With its most user-friendly interface, even first-time investors would find it pleasurable to work with. It’s best to prove it yourself so, download it here now.


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