The World is Your Playground with Virie

''The internet enabled businesses to connect globally, while Virie enables them to be independent.''

As the flag-bearer of a free market economy, the Virie Project adds a fresh perspective to how we know the markets and financial services. It aims to provide a decentralized, restriction-free ecosystem against many disadvantages that businesses (especially mid-sized) face in the current atmosphere.

Did you know that medium-sized ventures cater most to the financial health of any major economy?

Despite this, smaller firms face the highest barriers against their larger peers. The existing regulations are purpose-built for multi-tier companies, yet make it harder for small businesses by both killing their chances and monopolizing respective sectors.

With blockchain’s assistance and innovative features, The Virie Market has the ability to bring commodities and services to markets efficiently, effectively and almost inexpensively. It shields users against the traditionally high costs of services and security from existing players and systems; all this while maintaining a competitive environment, where every player gets a fair chance to expand. Virie platform helps in various ways:

- Uninterrupted transactions: For a business to be successful, the inflow of capital and its timing makes all the difference. Current financial models have varied complexities and businesses that require a consistent cash flow often suffer in this regard. A late payment is often the thin line between success and failure. The Virie Market addresses this issue firstly by reducing the investment costs and later by simplifying access to funds.

- Intermediary-free platform: Through distributed ledger technology, Virie network discards the need of and support from intermediaries and various other time and resource-consuming business processes. However, as a multi-faceted platform, Virie understands that no two users are the same and has incorporated an innovative ESCROW solution (discussed further ahead) to check on any lapses.

While all these make up for a brief introduction to what Virie aims to achieve as a platform, there is much more to its offerings. It is a one-stop-shop for everything you need, right from acquiring raw material to selling your finished products, from recruiting employees to making payments, etc. Virie is a multi-currency platform that lets you transact in your choice of currency, right from fiat to virtual. It opens up access to global communities for you to cater to and recruit from, without ever worrying about the mode of payment or the conversion rates. For instance, a vendor in the States recruits a freelance technical consultant from China for his software development. International transactions through traditional banking processes cost vendors heaps of amounts. However, using Virie can make transactions tax, duty, and restriction-free and save both time and precious assets for the user.

Virie exposes you to a global community with no additional cost

The Virie platform encourages transparency through blockchain’s distributed process. It rids you of intermediaries, unnecessary charges they incur, and saves you the investment costs of expanding your business overseas through an easily accessible globalized platform.

Virie’s objective is to achieve ‘globalization’ in its purest form. Not one in its contemporary form where organizations rid themselves of government-imposed restrictions and taxes, but where users are free to explore, connect and exchange uninterrupted with a global community.

The purpose of the Virie Market project is to achieve a free market so that people could exchange whatever they want for whatever they want, using whatever means of payment they want, without limitations such as borders, tariffs, licenses, etc.

For instance, Virie enables someone from Japan to purchase a film or book from France, while someone in China could buy a video camera from the US. So that any person could freely, without limitation or commissions, sell his or her work online in any corner of the world having electricity and the Internet.

Such a market would be able to survive not only against governments but also against a much more frightening opponent – Monopolies – squeezing out every independent entrepreneur from any area where there is profit to be made.

All this without any major capital investment. All you need is Virie’s assistance.

Now let us look at what makes Virie such a diversified platform and dig into its multiple groundbreaking features.

Virie is an amalgamation of innovation and proven methodologies

A major problem with the current market system is the lack of fairness and high prices.

When digitization is at its prime, banks charge for facilitating online transactions. It is just one instance of how financial institutions impose their control over us.

I still do not understand how an online purchase of $100 costs me an extra $20. Tried digging in once found it too complex and gave up.

The idea behind ‘digitized globalization’ is to generate opportunities and encourage healthy and innovative competition. Virie exemplifies this through its understanding of existing financial methodologies and creative approaches to achieve a truly free market – The Virie Market.

Here are some remarkable characteristics that make Virie stand out from the crowd:

- Decentralization: An employer seeks skilled labor in a remote location but cannot afford to pay them as the country he resides in and the country of the employee, both impose duties on the amount transferred.

The Virie platform comes to rescue. As a decentralized network, it rids such employers of unnecessary obligations by giving them 100% value for their money. These employers can transfer payments to their employees free from extra charges and duties.

Let us make this a bit simpler to understand.

Did you know, we are surrounded with monopolies and that your favorite search engine or social media website might be controlling what happens around, more than you anticipated?

Quite often, we believe that it is when organizations become authoritarian, start controlling, and manipulating the respective sectors that they are called monopolies.

While this is a valid and factual argument, it comes quite later in the process. The first step is killing the competition and gaining the market advantage. With no other competing company, soon these organizations start ruling the industry and mint profits at consumer cost.

Virie solves this problem by offering an unbiased and decentralized platform for everyone. A platform that does not segregate you based on the size of your business or the products. As long as you are on the Virie network, you are free to choose how and what you wish to sell. It gives you a global platform to explore and grow.

- ESCROW: In this age of globalization and digitization, banks are still charging us for being the facilitator. This simply highlights the plight of our financial system, where intermediaries earn profits despite being inefficient and outdated.

However, when on Virie network, you do not need an intermediary. The Virie platform has its own unique implementation of ESCROW protocol that takes care of any transgression of rules and ensures smooth and successful transactions and payments. (To know more, please refer to the Virie Whitepaper)

- Hybrid Parity Protocol: This innovative technique is a blend of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols that shields users from the most fearful and advanced threats, while offering them the benefits of both modus operandi.

For instance, the PoS protocol enables users to earn profits by simply saving their assets in wallets, similar to a saving accounts interest. It also protects them from malicious agents and is less costly as they do not need to invest in processors and infrastructure. (To know more, please refer to Virie’s reference material)

- Simplicity: A great way to connect with the masses is to be able to relate with them.

Virie realizes that no two users are the same. While some may have a better understanding of how blockchain and related platforms function, a majority still needs assistance when it comes to investing in the technology. However, to achieve mass adoption it needs to connect well with each one of them and cater to their requirements and apprehensions.

Thus, Virie’s developers have created a simple, easy to operate and understand the user-friendly interface that is self-explanatory and guides users at every step they take. In order to avoid unnecessary jargon and complexities, Virie has gone a step beyond by automating the mining feature on their app. This highlights the platform’s dedication to offering best of class and reliable services to meet your expectations at every step you take.

The Virie market provides a simple and convenient platform for you to explore, enjoy and adopt. The developers and investors ensure that you get the best of class yet simple to understand interface on your journey to growth and profit.

All you need to do is download the Virie application and see for yourself how it works.


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