The Virie Market (Part 2)

Happy Friday you guys! It's the last working day of the week so get up and and get those adrenaline rushing! Do some stretching and head to the shower right after. It's another long day ahead of us but before you do anything else, please give me 2 minutes of your time so that we can go one step closer to the future only here in our Journey to the Unknown.

Yesterday, we've talked about how is Virie different from the others. We've discovered its uniqueness because it's not a payment system with a market but it is a market with a very user friendly payment system. The first of its kind I must say. Today we will explore more of its features too see what else is there to discover about it.

Well, the Virie Market is the second live product of the Virternity Project with the first being Virie. It's fully functional now and ready to use. Just another proof of how serious this project is. Oh and by the way, this also is what they call the Distributed Exchange Network (DEN) which we have already talked about before (

To quote, "This is the first and only blockchain product that is actually useful and ready to use by anybody (not only blockchain geeks)." Oh great! Finally something that is easy to use for people like me who are not that literally techie! Furthermore, the entries in the Virie Market cannot be edited nor erased unlike other more popular platforms let's say Amazon for example. There is no centralization and they also claim that no one as in no one can block or shut down this market which means privacy is fully guaranteed. Well, for me, that's the best feature of it!

The creators of Virternity are saying that nobody has done this before. Well yes, come to think of it, there has been talks about creating such a trade platform but no one has ever succeeded yet before them. Those who are into cryptocurrency investment should know this. The others who attempted to do this had failed due to lack of resources, they were not up to it completely or for whatever other reasons.

Well, that is something, don't you think so? This makes it the latest development in the blockchain industry which for me is really something that we should look up to. This is just becoming more and more interesting. I cannot promise that I would leave this topic just yet. Every day that I do research, I discover something new about it but for now, let's keep moving to our other tasks for the day but before you do so, please go ahead and click that heart button and ask me in the comment section. Te parler plus tard mes amours!


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