The Virie Market (Part 1)

It's another wonderful day my beloved readers. Wake up to a promise of beautiful things coming your way today. Get up and brew a cup of coffee while reading another exciting episode of our Journey to the Unknown.

Yep, you got it right. I still have been doing a lot of research about this new payment system called Virie. I can't help it because I once missed the the opportunity when Bitcoin was introduced and I ignored it thereby missed the opportunity to invest on it during its best times. Now that there is a new one that has been created, I want to make sure that I know everything about it because let's face it, investing on something needs to be thought about thoroughly, right? And whatever it is that I'm discovering about Virie, I want to make sure that I share it with you so that eventually, we will both know what it is and that we will not miss any opportunity so come on and read what else I have discovered about it.

Virie, like what I have already mentioned here before is the first product of the Virternity Project. It's a clear proof that the creators of that Virtual World is serious about it. It is a a financial instrument or in layman's term, a payment system that is designed to be the foundation of the economy in the Virternity's virtual space.

So, how different is it from other virtual payment systems like the others (Bitcoin, Ether, Altcoin etc.)? Well, guess what? Virie is not a payment system with a market. It is a market on its own with a very user friendly payment system. Surprised? Or perhaps not because we have already discovered before that they have their own Distributed Exchange Network which eliminates the need for the third party broker, right?

Virie is unique because of this. It is an instrument to use the market and not the other way around like how it is with the other financial instruments because virtual or not, those other currencies are being used by the market during the trading. Those who work in the financial institutions surely knows about it and how costly and time consuming it could be to do that way.

Do you see it now? Do you see why it's interesting? Why it's unique and different. From what I know so far, it's the first of its kind unless I discover later that it's otherwise. Tomorrow we will discuss more about this Virie Market. For now, please hit the heart button and let's talk in the comment section. Hasta la vista mis amores!


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