The Ultimate Monetary Freedom is here to Stay (Part 2)

This is the final part of the two-part article about the ultimate monetary freedom that can only be achieved when monetary instruments can move freely in a free market economy, the Virie Market. The key elements on this free market that essentially provides the freedom of movements of monetary instruments, that were discussed in part 1 were security, anonymity, and peer to peer network. The rest of these key elements will be discussed in this part of the article.

No expiration – the monetary instruments within the Virie Market have an infinite duration and do not expire. It maintains its values and can even appreciate over time as it follows the principle of supply and demand, unlike the institutional monetary system where the central banks control the supply of the currencies.

Broadly acceptable digital currencies are now broadly acceptable in most parts of the world. This insinuates trust and recognition despite the absence of a controlling institution. Virie is not a payment instrument with a market. It is the market itself with a worldwide reach.

User-friendly – the Virie Market has a very user-friendly interface that anyone can move their monetary instruments even if they are not geeks. It makes it a lot easier and simpler for anyone from any part of the world to process exchanges of currencies, and even of good, services, and many others, without a lot of fuss.

Freedom of the unit value – the monetary instruments within a free market like Virie are non-political monetary units and are determined by the market. This gives each unit value complete freedom of movements.


The creators of the Virie Market knew that for a free market to be a possibility in this world, it is vital to provide freedom in the real sense of the word, including freedom of movement of monetary instruments, maximal simplicity of transactions, and a guarantee of security from fraud. It is for this reason that they’ve created Virie exactly the way they have envisioned it to be. The Virie Market is a daring step in the world of free digital exchange of not only monetary instruments, but also of goods and services. This is the only blockchain product that is actually useful and ready to use by anybody from any location across the globe. As it is, the freedom of movements of monetary instruments is evident in this free market. Anybody can trade using any currency such as the USD, Yen, Pounds, etc., as well as any type of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and of course, Virie native coins. Finally, the Virie Market provides ultimate monetary freedom and it’s here to stay, for good.


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