The Truths about Trading Platforms and Why Virie Market is Unique

An online trading platform is commonly defined as a software that is used to place and receive orders for financial products through a third party financial intermediary like brokers. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are certain truths about trading platforms that most people do not realize. Here are some of them.

Trading platforms differ

Trading simply means the exchange of trades or in layman’s terms, buying and selling of goods and services. But the truth is a little more complicated as there are different types of trades such as currencies, stocks, securities, and yes, goods and services, and many others. Each type of trade has a trading platform dedicated only to that specific product. Goods and services have e-commerce such as Amazon and eBay, for their trading platform. Currencies have Foreign exchange. Stocks trading have stock exchanges, and so on.

Trading platforms are not for everyone

Imagine that you have some spare money that you would like to use for investment in stocks, for example. For professional investors, this will be easy. But the truth is, for regular people, the whole process in doing it in the stock exchange trading platform can be very complicated. Therefore, they would have to go to a bank or a broker and hope that they can help find the best option for them. Stocks and other financial instruments are just too easy to lose if someone is not really an expert on trading and trading platforms.

Trading platforms are risky

As mentioned, to be able to use a trading platform, someone has to use a bank or a broker. The truth is, it makes it all too risky because banks and brokers go through a lot of channels that create openings for fraudulent activities to occur. Modern-day technologies make it even easier for fraudsters to perform hacking and scamming within the trading platform, and traders end up losing money.

What is Virie Market and why is it unique?

The Virie Market is a daring step into the world of free digital exchange of goods and values. It is unique in many ways. First, it is a decentralized Distributed Exchange Network (DEN) that unlike all other trading platforms, does not use any third-party brokers, banks, or other institutions. It does not only allow users to save money from commissions and fees. It is also fraud-resistant given the fact that it has a peer-to-peer network structure, therefore, there are no third parties to make it prone to fraud. To make it even safer, there are fraud-prevention systems in place, as it uses blockchain to store transactions, information, data, etc.. It also has its own escrow system for an added layer of security. What’s even more unique about the Virie Market is that it’s a one-stop trading platform for internet stores, markets, commercial enterprises, currencies, and more. Anything can be exchanged for anything of value, from anywhere in the world. Anyone can use it including those who are not experts in trading because it has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Just download and install the application, and that’s all. Transactions are processed in as fast as 5 to 15 minutes. The whole Virie Market holds a promise to provide freedom and equality to the world.


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