The Powerful Step to Free Market is Here - Virie Market

After several years of hard work, the participants in the Virie Market Project, who are consisting of three MIT alumni, a Chinese entrepreneur, a Japanese engineer, an independent investor, a lawyer, a financier and many believers in the idea of a free market, have created the logical next step in the development of an independent free market, which is the Virie Market itself. Taking the inspiration from the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, the Virie Market is not your ordinary free market.

The financial instrument in the Virie Market called Virie is unlike any other financial instrument that uses the market. While the creators of Virie did take the inspiration from the apparent founder of Bitcoin, Virie is far different from it. It is a market in itself, with a very user-friendly payment system. The Virie market is already functional and is ready to download anytime right after the crowdfunding. We invite everyone to have a sneak peek of it here.

You must have heard that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, had been through some cases of scams and theft. With the Virie Market running through its exclusive Distributed Exchange network, it has embedded payment and fraud-prevention systems. This means that there is a guarantee for the security of your account and transactions from fraud. If that is not enough yet, here’s more. When you download the Virie Market app, you don’t have to provide any ID or any other personal information. Just download and install it, just like that, and it’s ready to use. You can, in fact, create as much number of accounts that you want without the danger that something will be stolen by fraudsters.

The creators of the Virie Market are believers of a true free market, so they have created one. The Virie Market gives you the freedom to buy and sell anything of value that you want, without having to worry about any tariffs or taxes. There are no borders, no licenses required, no commissions, no limitations. In other words, it’s free in the real sense of the word. No one to tell you to do this, or do that, submit this, or submit that requirement, because there is no governing body, nor third party involved in the process. You are your own boss, so the success of your business lies upon you only.

The Virie Market is such a beautiful true free market that anyone, regardless of status, can have access to. The age of freedom in the digital world has arrived!


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