The Most User-Friendly Interface of the Virie Market (Part 2)

Virie Market is an all-in-one trading platform that allows you to freely exchange anything for anything of value, from any part of the world where there are internet and electricity. While this is the case, its software application has the most user-friendly interface ever-invented. Using the most advanced blockchain technology, it’s the first and only blockchain product that has been completed successfully and is now ready to use. Part 1 of this article series had barely scratched the surface by discussing two of its features, the dashboard, and the safes. Continuing with the second part, here are some more of its features.


Once you clicked on the Market section, you will see a table display of users’ offers that are divided into different categories: Currency, Product, My Offers, Favorites. For more user-friendly navigation, filters, search, and sorting are also available.


The Currency section will show you all the offers for buying and selling currencies. It is worth mentioning that all types of currencies, including USD, Yen, Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. can be exchanged in Virie Market. Each offer shows fields such as:

  • Age of the offer

  • Exchange rate

  • Amount in Virie

  • Description

  • Settlement method

  • Contact information

  • Location of transaction


The Product section displays all the offers for buying and selling products. From books, magazines, electronics, clothes, furniture, gadgets, hobbies, even cars! Essentially everything you’ll ever need is here. As usual, to make it easier for you, you can just filter through the products, or search for a particular product. Each offer shows fields such as:

  • Age of the offer

  • Category of the product (for example cars, electronics, etc.)

  • The title of the offer

  • The description of the offer

  • The price

  • Contact information

  • Location

My Offers

The My Offers section displays all the offers you’ve published with all the fields according to its category (currency or product).


The Favorites section displays the offer that you’ve favorited. That means you’ve clicked the star symbol shown on the description field of the offer. To remove the offer from your favorites, simply click the star symbol again.


The Escrow section is where you can create purchases that are secure and confidential between two parties. To initiate a purchase, you just have to click the button that says, begin a purchase, and a simple form will show. To proceed with a transaction, you just have to fill the fields in sequence and click continue. When a transaction is processed in the escrow system, both parties will provide a pledge that will be stored in the Blockchain until the transaction completes. This serves as a guarantee for the transaction. The pledges will be returned to the account of each party after the completion of the transaction. If one party violates the terms of the transaction, the pledges will be null and void. This is to encourage both parties to have honest relations with each other.

 While the functions within the Virie Market are complex and highly advanced, it’s amazingly surprising how the creators were able to develop a trading platform with such a superbly user-friendly interface that anyone can easily learn how to navigate through it, including those who are not geeks. Watch out for more of the Virie Market’s features in this article series or download it here and see for yourself. 


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