The Most Promising Platform for Business Growth - Virie

Blockchain’s social impact has already reached the realization phase and this might just be the tipping point.

The Virie Marketplace is an ambitious project that incentivizes the objectives of blockchain technology and embodies the purpose of this fast-growing technology, i.e. to create a fair and free economy that channelizes healthy competition and addresses the flaws of existing systems.

For example, despite criticism, cryptocurrencies provided doubts over existing financial systems and changed our perspective of fiat and financial services.

Virie too is similar in this regard. Virie is a solution against the existing markets that control and monetize every aspect of our lives. It offers hope to almost two billion unbanked people around the world by giving them a free, unrestricted, anonymous solution that caters to all their needs. Virie is a decentralized marketplace with appropriate levels of security, which is available across the respective peer-to-peer networks. It removes the intermediaries that add to the exorbitant costs in present-day financial systems. It decentralizes away from the control of governments, protects you from the spate of rising identity thefts, offering transparency in its functioning and offers you an array of opportunities to grow and expand your worth globally.

Virie – By definition

The purpose of the Virie Market project is to achieve a free market in its pure form. So that people could exchange whatever they want for whatever they want, using whatever means of payment they want, without limitations such as borders, tariffs, licenses, etc.

For example, someone from Thailand could easily purchase a software from Germany, while someone in China could buy a video camera from the US. So that a family in India could receive money from relatives in Canada and an Internet gamer could receive his game winnings in Bolivia.

In simple terms, Virie is an enabler that lets users experience freedom from limitations to sell/buy commodities online in any corner of the world.

Virie ensures scalability

In today’s scheme of events, we have very little (almost no) say in how our assets are handled or the way our information is circulated. With rising numbers of crimes committed each year, it is estimated that more than 40% of financial intermediaries suffer from frauds and other financial crimes every year. How does a system so vulnerable ensure our growth?

Virie addresses this issue by applying the latest and most secured cryptographic algorithms apart from multiple innovative features that we will discuss later in this article. First, let us understand how Virie ensures personal growth and scalability.

By empowering you: Quite often small-scale merchants find it difficult to make a mark in today’s fast-paced environment. They are further demoralized by high costs, capital/fund unavailability, taxes, duties, restrictions imposed by authorities and control of centralized institutions. All these hassles kill not just the possibilities of growth but also innovation and creativity.

Virie addresses this issue by offering you a platform that lets you control the assets you own, and lets you make your own financial decisions. A global platform that offers you a podium to highlight your commodities, services, talent the way you wish. It gives you the liberty to choose the currency and mode of your transactions.

It empowers you by offering you the reigns of not just your personal account but also the actions you perform on the network.

Apart from the profits of financial freedom, the market rewards you for your participation in the network. Virie lets you mine the VRE (Virie) coins and earn interest by simply holding the coins in your wallet.

Making you your own boss: When on Virie, you are in charge of not just your assets but also everything that you wish to do. It is an unrestricted launchpad for you to expand your business in an unbiased and free environment. Virie is an intermediary-free platform that keeps you away from the clutches of third-party agents who mint money for every service they offer to you. When on Virie you get true value on your assets and commodities.

For example, making staff payments through Virie not only saves you from taxes imposed by central institutions but also gives you the best conversion rates to maximize your profits.

Keeping you safe: With platforms like Facebook and Amazon being prone to malicious hackers and threats, the online world is becoming a scary place. While online payments and modes of business are becoming a necessity, rising frauds discourage healthy growth. However, Virie platform fights this challenge in its own unique manner.

Virie does not ask you for any personal information at the time of registration to ensure that it is an anonymous and secure platform. Virie is a real-time platform that protects you from the rising thefts and fraudulent activities by implementing a handful of innovative protocols.

Features that help Virie achieve all these tasks

Decentralization: Virie is the flag-bearer of an unrestricted world. It is here to revolutionize the markets by enabling globalization in its true form. It offers you the liberty to choose your own course of action. Unlike existing platforms and institutions that control every aspect of our life, Virie is a platform that unbiasedly lets you participate in your own future without any form of interference like monopolies.

Virie offers you the pleasure of participating in an unbiased, healthy competitive environment that brings opportunities and creativity at your disposal.

Protocols: Virie uses some of the most advanced protocols to keep you protected at all times. From keeping your assets away from frauds to protecting your information from identity thefts, Virie takes care of most notorious attacks like a 51% attack.

Virie ensures the anonymity of transactions and user information by providing unlinkability and intractability through its multi-key and multi-signature features.

Virie’s immutability ensures trust in its functioning and makes it a reliable platform. In simple terms, Virie is an unstoppable system and the developers themselves cannot intervene or manipulate the system and/or rules of the network’.

Simplicity: Virie offers you a sense of belongingness right from the step ‘go’. It is due to the simple, user-friendly, descriptive and self-explanatory interface of the Virie application. You do not need to learn the jargon of blockchain technology or exchanges to be a part of the Virie system. On-boarding Virie is as simple as creating your email account and learning its services. All you need to do is download the Virie application and initiate the change you wish to see in the future.


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