The Human Mind into an AI Robot?

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Welcome back my dear travelers to the unknown. We have so far discovered that there had already been successful experiments on mind uploading of a worm into a computer and brain preservation of a pig but how is it going to be possible for the human brain or mind? Today, we will try to understand the possibilities so come along as we go deeper to our journey...

The human brain is stuffed with approximately 100 trillion neurons. Each one of these neurons can have 10,000 to 100,000 synaptic connections on it formed from other neurons. Every one of these countless connections must be attached precisely between the correct neurons in the brain to form functional circuits. The sheer number of wires, called axons, that are required to connect 100 trillion neurons into functional circuits is imponderable. That said, it seems impossible to figure out a way to download it, right?

But hold on. Scientists are now slowly beginning to understand the function of each neurons. It is by understanding it first that they may eventually find a way to upload the mind into a vessel like an AI Robot. A renowned neuroscientist from Campbridge named Dr. Hannah Critchlow said that "If a computer could be built to recreate the 100 trillion connections in the brain then it would be possible to exist inside a programme. If you had a computer that could make those 100 trillion circuit connections then that circuit is what makes us us, and so, yes, it would be possible".

So there, it is possible, only not just yet because simply put, the technology required to have it done does not exist yet or does it already and is just being kept secret for now? We will discover that one day, I'm pretty sure of that.

But let's talk about how humans might benefit from it should one day in the future, our mind can already be uploaded into something that can be programmed and connected to a vessel, let's say an AI robot. There are multiple ways that I can imagine how it is going to be beneficial for humans. First of all, we may not have to experience death anymore. Once the mind of a dying person is uploaded into a code which can then be connected to a robot, that person will be able to continue to live even if the physical body is already dead. Immortality is what it may be called. Sounds bizarre huh?

But imagine what else can you do if you have unlimited time in your hands. If you are someone in your prime, chances are, you still need more time to establish your life and your family's life. but what if you've met a fatal accident or a rare disease that limits your time to continue your life? Doesn't the sound of being able to have a robot body with your own mind in it appeal to you? It does to me.

Tomorrow I will continue bringing more benefits of these possibilities to you so please do stay tuned as there will be more exciting things that we will explore about this topic. Meantime, please do hit the heart button and drop me a word or two. See you then!


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