The Healthy Competition in the Free Market of Virie

Competition is extremely important in the economic system because it avoids unjust inequality instead of just making the already rich monopolists even richer. It drives supply and demand, which, therefore, creates clear price signals in the markets. It enhances efficiency, provides more choices, further developments and innovations of products and services, and more importantly, it exemplifies democracy and freedom by equal distribution of power. Without the battle for competition, there will be no evolution, thus there will be a failure to adapt to new situations. Monopolies prevent competition, and it’s a frightening fact that threatens the survival of humanities.

The battle for the competition was killed by monopolies over recent decades as privately-owned companies were gotten over by greed and occupied the majority of the markets. It, therefore, discouraged competitions, and eventually, stopped the battle for it. Many industries are now concentrated within the hands of very few players with less to zero competition. The free market of Virie eliminates these threats and fosters healthy competition among entrepreneurs, big or small. It has an economic system that is driven by competition with businesses that continuously innovate, keeping the mentality that ingenuity and hard work will gain them with successful rewards. Everyone earns profits equally, so businesses succeed and prosper amidst the competition.

Virie made posting offers for products and services a lot easier with its most user-friendly interface so that the users can have more time to develop and improve their products and services instead of spending a lot of time setting up their businesses in a platform that goes through a lot of processes, not to mention the fees and taxes that they have to pay to be able to do their business. Virie is the first-ever decentralized virtual market place that allows everyone to buy and sell products, services, and currencies and the first-ever successful blockchain product that lets you do your business without the fuss. Its source code is open to users and is downloadable anytime, and anywhere in the world, you might be. Competition is healthy, and transactions run in a secured software protected by modern technologies such as cryptography and escrow. Buyers have massive choices within the marketplace, from household items to cars, houses, currencies of all types, and even services such as writing, cleaning, consulting, domestic, and the list is endless.

The free market system of Virie provides a balance in supply and demand, which is the building block of competition, therefore creating a competitive environment. A competitive environment contributes to political and civil freedom, which therefore contributes to economic growth and transparency. Consumers have the freedom to be heard in their decisions to determine what products and services are in demand. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to create the best products and services they can offer, without the massive fees and taxes, even if they have to do cross-border shipping. Don’t just take my word for it. Download it here and try it yourself.


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