The Ghost of Daisy...

Thank God it's Friday! I hope you all had an exciting week and are more excited for the weekend. Today I will be bringing you the last of our thrilling series in the Virtual Worlds. I'm sure you have been pretty tired and exhausted with all our adventures to the unknown the past days so I promise that this one's well, a little subtle on physical activities. will be as thrilling and exciting so come on, let's dig into it.

This time around, I decided to be a guy, just for a change you know. That's the beauty of the Virtual World. You can be whoever you want to be and however you want it to be. Anyway, so I was Frank, grieving the death of my daughter Daisy who died in a car accident. I was in my dark living room when the ghost of Daisy appeared in front of me. Was it just a result of my grief? Have I just been missing her a lot that my imagination made her look like she was so real?

But no, she was real as she started talking to me and called me "daddy!". She said she saw something before the car accident. She begged me to look for our family photo to find out what was it that terrified her before the car accident happened. My heart sunk when she told me that she wasn't lying when she said she saw something in the park. I was obliged to find the family photo for her.

I started searching and searching every corner, every furniture, every room of our dark house. I kept picking up objects that I thought was the missing photo. Then I reached the bathroom. I looked around and found a safe on the wall. I didn't know the combination so I looked around once again and saw the time on the desk clock. It was 10:36 PM. Could it be the combination? Tried it on the safe and there it was! I found the missing family photo!

I continued following Daisy's soul so I could give her the photo. I ended up on a hanging bridge with a dead and scary tree at the end where Daisy was telling me to just go and return the photo to the living room but before I was able to do so, a monstrous bat looking creature stared attacking me.

Finally, I was able to go back to our living room but to my surprise, it was all in disarray like someone or something swooped everything upside down! Then a dancing ballerina appeared like she was leading me to somewhere. I was taken to another dimension where I saw Daisy being grabbed by something then the ballerina appeared again as I lost sight of Daisy. But no!!! The ballerina turned into a gigantic monster who attacked me without a warning! Then there was darkness again like how my journeys this past week had always ended.

Wow! That was scary!!! So there you have it my dears. That was the last leg for this week. Follow me again as we continue our journey. There will be more fun and exciting unknown Virtual Worlds that we will discover together. If you like our adventure today, please click the heart button and drop me a word or two. Until next week. Ciao'!


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