The Future of Shopping

Hello again my fellow travelers to the unknown! I'm here once again to bring you information that perhaps only a few know by now. Let's start walking once again.

Christmas is just around the corner. I'm sure that most of you are already starting to prepare for some Christmas shopping, right? But you're too busy. What is the best way to do your shopping? Online, right? Oh wait, you probably already had some bad experiences on doing your online shopping like I did. Have you experienced that the color of the dress that you ordered was not exactly the same as it was in the picture as it's a little shade different? Or did you order a furniture, an office table maybe, that did not fit the space you wanted to place it?

Fret no more! Virtual Reality is here to the rescue. More and more retail stores are now introducing VR shopping to make it even more convenient for us to shop thru their websites. How would you like the idea of seeing the actual size of the living room set you want to buy from Ikea? Or seeing the actual expiration dates of the canned goods you want to buy from Walmart? Or seeing the actual buttons of the pressure cooker that you want to buy from Amazon? There are endless possibilities with this new innovation in VR technology and yes, these shops are already using VRs for their stores.

There are more and more stores following this trend now. Lacoste, Charlotte Tilbury in London, Topshop, Toys "R" us, Lowes and so much more. I am very sure that the rest will follow suit in no time.

Although the technology on VR shopping is just in its infancy, it promises a new face in the future of shopping. I can understand if there are still room for improvements like perhaps Mixed Reality can be better than Virtual Reality because that would allow us to touch the objects that we want to buy, but this is already a great start. To actually be immersed in the store while doing your shopping right at the comfort of your own home.

Another amazing thing we discovered today huh? Let me continue bringing you more interesting ideas about the beauty of technology each day that I'm able to. Don't leave, just stay tuned. Until then, ciao!


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