The Different Realities in Technology

How are you my beloved readers of the Journey to the Unknown? Hope everyone's having a great day. Where I'm at, the weather is a bit gloomy but it's not going to stop me from bringing you another mind blowing episode of exciting discoveries as we continue with our journey so come along and let's start the day with some really juicy information.

Today and tomorrow will be a two part episode as I bring to you the different realities in technology and we will dissect as to which category does the Virternity world fall under. I am pretty sure that some of you must have already come across these realities but are confused as to what they really are so I will explain them to you in quite a concise manner.

Virtual Reality - mostly using a VR device, this is a reality that sets you apart from the "real" reality. It creates an environment where you are taken away somewhere else while actually sitting on your couch. Flying to Paris, strolling a mountain, walking along the beach, fighting with aliens, or whatever environment you enter mostly by setting a game or an application. In other words, it's a reality that happens differently from what is actually going on in the real environment. It's a technologically constructed world that is transmitted to a person thru the senses like vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc.

Augmented Reality - Through the appropriate devices, it overlays additional information onto the real world environment mostly to enhance it. I'm sure, most of you have played Pokemon Go in some parts of your lives, right? That is an example of an augmented reality. For those who are fond of buying furniture from Ikea, I'm pretty sure that you have already heard that they now allow customers to use AR to help them decide which furniture suits their taste and needs. It helps them to see how it would look like or if it will fit the space in their house. Cool huh? Long story short, augmented reality is the result of adding imaginary objects to the perceived elements of the real world (usually in the form of helpful information). The video below shows some examples of AR.

These are two realities in technology that are most commonly used now. Under developments are Mixed Reality and Shared Reality which we will discuss tomorrow. We will also discover which reality does the Virternity world belong to tomorrow. As for now, I hope you will already be able to differentiate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality thru their descriptions above.

There you have it for today folks. Please hit the heart button and comment or ask in the comment section. I would love to read from you and let me know if you are enjoying what you have been reading here so far. Talk to you again next time. Ciao'!


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