The Big Reveal! The Virternity Project!

Welcome back my beloved readers of the Journey to the Unknown. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend so that you will have enough energy to cope up with another week of exciting adventures to the unknown. Keep walking with me in this journey as the future unfolds right before our very eyes so come on and let's get going!

As promised, I will share with you what I discovered in relation to having a Virtual World someday. I know it all sounded unbelievable so I somehow felt the urge to find something that may prove that it is indeed possible. You probably must have been thinking that I do a lot of research so that I can discover technological facts that not too many people know and yes I do. And I was extremely surprised that there is indeed a project going on that aims to create a Virtual World.

The project is called "Virternity" and after two years of extensive research and studies, they have launched it just very recently. By the way, "Virternity" stands for Virtual Eternity. Remember in one of my past blogs, I also did mention that Virtual Immortality may be possible? So, this is it my friends! It's for real! It's absolutely for real! It's all getting clearer now, isn't it?

Based from what I've read so far, this Virternity Project has two main goals: Immortality and saving planet Earth. In my past blogs, I did mention about experiments going on about mind uploading. It could be uploaded into a computer with vessels like robots, or avatars. This only goes to show that the idea and experimentation are already on going. The difference of Virternity is that they will have their own and exclusive virtual space to transfer consciousness into where people can live forever is they so choose to and it's of course called, the Virternity space.

Saving the planet Earth, on the other hand, as I've mentioned in my blog last Friday the 26th, can happen if at least half of the population can be transferred to the Virtual World. Imagine how much less energy and resources will be used from the physical world because everything can be done in the virtual world where energy is limitless? If that happens, the planet will slowly recover and the race for resources will be a whole lot lesser. The planet will become pristine and clean again. Trees will start growing at a faster rate. Oceans will be much cleaner and if all these happen, climate change can just become a thing in the history.

Are you interested now? Well, there is so much more that I will tell you about all these possibilities thru this project in particular. But if you want to do some advanced reading, their website is: Otherwise, I will write them hear in layman's term and let's discover what's going on with this together. Sounds good?

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