Significant Characteristics of a Successful Free Market

“All of which are in Virie Market”

A free market is a free, peaceful, and cooperative process, which meets people’s needs without turning to any government dictatorship, control, planning, pressure, force, or violence. Within a free market, individuals have the freedom to choose their own unique role. They can choose their own line of work, save, become an investor, or even become an entrepreneur. A free market can form together new capital for investments, which use prices and profits to route economic resources into those products and services based on people’s demands. For a free market to be efficient and effective to be able to satisfy the individual needs, there have to be these powerful communication signals. Of course, all participants, individuals and businesses alike, must have the freedom to set their prices for their products and services to enable them of peaceful and cooperative exchange.

According to Dr. Gerard Lameiro, an author, political analyst, and expert on forecast models, there are 8 significant characteristics of a successful free market. Do note that all of these are in the Virie Market. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Individuals are free to choose their own work

Contrary to the traditional way of applying for a job, where most often than not, is not an exact match for your preference, the free market of Virie allows job-seekers to sell his or her preferred work online in any corner of the world with the internet and electricity, without taxes.

2. Individuals are free to be investors

With Virie Market’s upcoming ICO, everyone is free to invest in its native coins, Virie (VRE). It is the native coin that is universally used within the market. Everything is exchangeable to VRE and it is exchangeable to anything of value. By the way, Virie Market’s platform has walked the extra mile to help investors avoid hiring third-party miners as it has an automated mining process. The system literally mines for you.

3. Individuals are free to be entrepreneurs

Virie Market is not just a free market for currencies. It is also a great platform for entrepreneurs to buy and sell their products online anywhere in the world. This is the only e-commerce platform without taxes, tariffs, borders, and huge fees.

4. Individuals are free to create a capital formation

Virie market will soon start its crowdfunding campaign around the world, where anybody can participate by saving and investing, which will eventually allow them to create a capital formation for new businesses, products, services, and currencies.

5. Individuals are free to earn profits

Whether it’s through putting up an e-commerce business or investing and mining VRE coins, all individual users in Virie Market has the freedom to earn profits.

6. Individuals are free to compete

The beauty of a free market, and Virie Market, is that there is no monopoly. Without monopolies, individuals and businesses are free to compete. A market with competition creates faster, cheaper, and quality products and services.

7. Individuals are free to buy, earn, use and sell private property

Once you download the Virie Market application software, you will see that it speaks for itself for this particular characteristic of a free market. Right now, someone from the United States is selling a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT, someone from China is selling an iPhone, someone from Sweden is buying iPhones and iPads, and many more private properties available for buying and selling.

8. Individuals are free to set prices including services and wages

Virie Market is the truest form of a free market. All individual users are free to set their prices for the labor and services that they post within the platform.


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