Police Training on VR

Hello again everyone! Yup, I'm blogging on a Sunday. This has already become a passion to me and I just can't help but to continue walking you through in bringing you more wonderful and unknown ideas on Technology.

I hope you are not getting tired yet of our series on Virtual Reality. Aren't you glad that you are being able to know what used to be unknown to you?

In today's installment, let me present to you how the police enforcers are now being trained thru VR. The picture below is the actual training session of Pennsylvania Police using their VR headset.

Have I already told you that one great feature of VR is that it's fully immersive? In the beginning, the law enforcement arena had a hard time establishing an effective training program. Back in the days, they were using real weapons that were made safe thus, it did not give the police trainees much of the realistic feeling. There was a lot of role playing and that just made it feel even more unrealistic knowing that everything is orchestrated.

With VR, the feeling is so realistic that if you are a trainee, you might even get scared on some parts of the training. You will be that immersed in the virtual environment created specifically for the session. Real gun battles, real criminals, real bullets, real crime scene, everything is real virtually. When you have your VR googles on, you will not see anything else but the virtual world you are being trained with.

Amazing huh and very science fiction? But it's real. It's so real you would believe it is really happening. That's how Virtual Reality technology can envelope your senses.

There you have it for yet another step to our journey. Please keep tuning in as I bring you more just here in your Journey to the Unknown...


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