Part 2 - The Different Realities of Technology

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening anywhere you are in the world! 'Tis another beautiful day. A perfect time to discover more mysteries of technology that are still unknown to many. Please make sure to keep following my tracks here as I continue in bringing you exciting revelations that will help shape the future, only here in our Journey to the Unknown. Let's go ahead and start walking through our today's episode.

As I promised you yesterday, we will be discussing two more realities in technology today and these ones are still being developed. Well, the other two we discussed yesterday are also in continuous development albeit they are already in circulation in the market. The other two that we will discuss today are still, well, underdeveloped although might also be in circulation sooner or later. Here they are.

Mixed Reality - also called "hybrid reality", simply means the combination or merging of real and virtual worlds so that a new environments and visuals are produced and created. The physical object and digital objects co-exist in real time. It does not take place just in the real world or just in the virtual world but they happen together at exactly the same time. The human performance could be significantly amplified by the introduction of spatially registered virtual objects overlaid on top of a person's direct view of a real physical environment. Just take a look at the sample video below.

Shared Reality - on the other hand, can be any of the the rest of other realities (virtual, augmented and mixed), is a reality in which the senses of several (or all) people perceive the same picture. Let's keep this example video of some people climbing the Mount Everest. If one of them changes it to let's say, a space exploration, everyone else will see those changes. They will then all explore the same space and leave the Mount Everest as that is not in their visuals anymore. Sounds exhilarating, right?

From what I understand, the Virternity World or what I usually refer to as the Virtual World, is going to be a shared reality which therefore means that people of the same interests will be able to share a community in an a common environment. On top of that, it is also a combination of shared and augmented reality as people will still have access to the "real" reality to meet their bodily needs (eating, sleeping, reproduction etc.). So fantastically sounding huh? But..keep your minds open. This is coming our way for real.

So there you are my beloved readers. There are 4 types of realities in technology for us to explore but the last one will require us to wait a little longer to actually experience it. Just hold on, we will all get there someday. Meantime, please click the heart button and say something to me in the comment box. See you again tomorrow. Ciao'!


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