Nanobots Can Cure Cancer!

Come with me again to yet another step in our journey to the unknown...

We will start dissecting the possibilities of Transhumanism. Let me feature nanobots today but first, let me write down what nanobot is as defined by Techopedia.

"Nanobots are robots that are microscopic in nature, measured largely on the scale of nanometers. They are currently in the research and development phase, but on realization they are expected to do specific tasks at the atomic, molecular and cellular level and help in bringing about many breakthroughs, especially in medical science.

Nanobots are also known as nanomachines, nanorobots, nanomites, nanites or nanoids."

In other words, these are tiny robots that can be deployed inside our body for various reasons. That's how Transhumanism works. Remember in my previous blog, I had written down its definition? Simply put, it's when Science and Techonology meets for one common goal.

It's getting clearer now, isn't it? Moving on, though nanobot's definition stated that it is still in the development stage, apparently, some of the experiments pertaining to it have already been successful. Below is a visual explanation of how it can successfully cure terminal cancer. Amazing, right? Although this has only been so far tested in mice, it shows great potential to also be effective in humans. I believe that it's only a matter of time until it's tested to humans. If that will be successful too, imagine being able to remove cancer in the list of top killer diseases? Let's wait and see until then.

Isn't it awesome to be able to discover these things that used to be unknown to us? Please stay tuned for more...

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