My Father's Death - A Personal Anecdote

Hello there once again.

Today, I will share with you a personal anecdote and how it is related to our concept of discovering things that are unknown to many. This will be very heavy in my heart but I will endure the struggle so that I can lay to you a possibility of a technology that could have helped us out during that time and could possibly help many in the future.

It was April 14, 2005 when we last saw my father. He went out to travel far north of the country to meet his long lost friend that he was never able to meet anymore. It was a long drive so he decided to travel at night to avoid traffic. He was never able to got back home anymore.

Since I am the eldest in the family, I had to handle everything. I reported him missing as a missing person and so was the car, the following day. Another day had passed and in the morning of April 16, 2005, I received a call from the police saying that they found a naked body thrown in a dam in a nearby province and that we had to identify it. We rushed there and indeed, it was him. It appeared that he was tortured before he was killed. I will not narrate here anymore the condition of his corpse when we found him for obvious reasons. The car was never found by the way neither was the case solved.

That left us without a clue. We never knew what his thoughts were during that time that could have lead us to a clue. The case was never solved.

Since lately, I have been doing a lot of research about technological discoveries, I came across a website and was surprised that such thing exists. It's a web services site that offers

the preservation for eternity of people's thoughts, memories and stories thru an intelligent Avatar that looks like the person involved so that when the person dies, there will be an accurate data from his mind that will stay forever and can be accessed by their trustees. I will not include the website address here so that it does not appear as an advertisement but if you are interested, please feel free to comment or leave a message in the chat box here.

Anyway, I just thought that what if this technology was already available back then? Could my father's case been able to had been solved if we were able to have his thoughts and memories saved in an Avatar? Could it had given as a clue? I guess we will never have the answer to this question anymore but moving forward, I'm seriously considering signing up to this service. Death is inevitable but it will be great if those who will be left behind will have a way of still keeping us forever.

So there you have it. It was such a relief to finish writing this blog with all the emotions involved but I do hope that I was able to somehow made something known to you once again.

Join me again tomorrow. See yah! ;)

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