More on AIs and How They Affect our Daily Lives - Part 1

Greetings of another beautiful day to you awesome people! As this week is especially dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and how they are and will be affecting our daily lives, today and tomorrow will be another two part episode of some more of the roles they play and will play in our lives that are probably still unknown to you. Let's go ahead and discover them.

Regardless of who you are or whatever your status in life is, I am certainly sure that you have at least one social media account. Some even has multiple social media platforms where they are active users but you might not realize that those are AIs working for you right there. Most of your decisions are being impacted by Artificial Intelligence! Surprised surprised! Well, from the feeds that you see in your timeline to the notifications that you receive from these apps, everything is curated by AI. AI takes all your past behavior, web searches, interactions, and everything else that you do when you are on these websites and tailors the experience just for you. Remember your memories on FaceBook? Or the quizzes that you enjoy? All of those are managed by AIs. Yes! That's right!

Another great addiction that most of us have is music and video platforms. I am personally addicted to YouTube but see those recommended videos for you? Don't you like almost all of them if not all of them? Have you realized that the AIs are doing those recommendations to you? It sometimes give me the creeps knowing that they know exactly what videos I would like lol! And for those of you who like to listen to good music in Spotify, you must be enjoying playlists that AIs have introduced to you without realizing it. If you think you are in control of those, think again my dears.

If you like to play video games, you would know that you can play with other gamers without having to be with them physically like DOTA. One of the most famous online games of all times. But if you think that you are controlling the game, you are wrong! The AIs control it for you and just take the commands from you. Or if you don't have an online opponent, chances are, you are playing with an Avatar like Tekken. Yes, you're guess is right! You are actually playing with an AI right there!

There are still so much more of things that we do in our daily lives where AIs play a major role and we don't even know it. Tomorrow, I will share more of those with you and I guarantee you of more surprises coming your way as we continue to discover these things that we may still be unknown to us.

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