Let's Travel Everywhere!

Happy Friday you wonderful people reading my blogs! We have traveled a lot this past week and to wrap it up, let me give you some more places to travel without having to leave your home nor spend a hefty amount on your travel expenses. All you need is a VR headset so come on, fasten your seat belts and let's travel some more to the unknown!

Here are some more options for you to choose from if you are a traveler but do not always have the time to do it or if finances are tight right now, here's to still fulfill your passion for traveling.

1. Google VR App - Takes all the data from Earth and puts it in an interactive experience that let's you choose any location that you want to go to. You want to go to see the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy? Sure! Go ahead and click it. You want to go tour at the Statue of liberty? Just click it! Or go anywhere you want to explore, feel free and enjoy!

2. NASA's Mars 2030 - Yep! NASA is on it too! They want us to breathe in panoramic view of Martian Surface. Wander around the landscape, gaze at the Martian sky and even drive a rover. Get the feel ahead of time as to how it is to be in Mars even before the first man to be sent there sets foot on it. Amazing, right?

3. Boulevard - If your kind of travel is visiting museums and art galleries from different countries, this one's for you. It is not just fun and enjoyable. It's educational too. This one's my personal favorite. Oh there's more! It's free! Cool, huh?

4. Everest VR - This one's for the brave mountaineers who are not afraid of heights. Keep your heart pumping while you make your way up to the peak of the mount Everest without having to wear your climbing outfit. Be in your pajamas if you want and still make it to the top. Savor the beauty of this majestic wonder of nature.

5. Blu - Here's another option for those who love the underwater travel. Come face to face with the largest creature in the planet, the blue whale. Swim along with the jelly fish and get up close and personal with the beautiful underwater creatures.

That sums up our travel week. Stay tuned for more as we continue walking along in our journey to the unknown. Hit the heart button and drop me a word or two. Have a happy weekend folks!


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